A Valentine’s Day Massacre of a Different Kind

A Valentine’s Day Massacre of a Different Kind

The rhetorical fever pitch over Obama’s latest healthcare fiasco is still swirling, but what I am finding in the dust particles is far worse than what is being publicly decried. There are serious omissions by some claiming to be in disagreement with Obama. But thankfully not all commentators have been remiss. Through the alliances we have forged with some of the most devoted Catholic commentators and researchers in the entire world, we have received more than one disquieting observation.

To wit, the following are a few of the concerns my allies have noted as absent from much of the public outcry.

U. S. Coalition for Life pro-life researcher, author, and fellow troublemaker Randy Engel e-mailed, “Have you noticed that in the current intense ‘debate’ over insurance and birth control, not a single bishop has suggested—not even a peep—that the government get itself out of the life prevention arena altogether?”

She’s absolutely correct. Since 1970, when Title X of the Public Health Service Act, described by Planned Parenthood as “America’s family planning program,” first reared its ugly head, there have been problems. The program doles out tax dollars to PP and its cronies as the USCCB consistently avoids urging a public outcry against it. It is as if the USCCB is lost in the weeds of American politics—the theme of my new book, The Broken Path.

Engel accurately defines such government programs as anti-natalist. In fact, the federal bureaucracy’s disdain for family, children, and procreation is well-documented, having existed for many years prior to Obama’s arrival.

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Another friend, Bud McFarlane, whose work with Militia Immaculata inspires fervor among all who love the Lord and His Mother Mary, wrote, “People are totally unaware of the reality that the American Cancer Society and the World Health Organization have officially certified that Hormonal Contraceptives are a Group #1 carcinogenic, and can cause breast cancer, uterine cancer, and liver cancer. [In addition, there are] irrefutable medical/pharmaceutical facts about the abortifacient nature of all hormonal contraceptives.”

Indeed, these insights are accurate and yet sadly left nearly unmentioned this past week. There are political and financial reasons for such omissions. Hormonal birth control is a multi-million dollar business; many political types reap rewards for their avoidance of the clinical data. In fact, the scam is well into its 45th year of existence. Each time an honest scientist sets forth the facts, willing media henchmen bat such people down, replacing evidence with whoppers. And as the saying goes, if you repeat a lie with frequency, it soon becomes the truth.

Additionally there’s the matter of the government’s money, going not only into Planned Parenthood’s coffers, but into many “Catholic” bank accounts such as hospitals, schools, the Catholic Health Association, and the like. The silence becomes quite profitable, or so it would seem.

But the quiet has resulted in countless deaths of preborn persons and the suffering of their mothers. Common sense has been replaced by savvy—or at least I would imagine that is what many are thinking. The argument is made that the public isn’t ready for such talk and, after all, accommodations can be reached if we set aside severe differences in deference to toleration.

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It’s gotten so bad that the current “98 percent of Catholic women have taken the birth control pill” deception is showing up in articles from both sides of the discussion. The truth is, as researcher Arlene Sawicki explained to me in an e-mail, the percentage was created by Planned Parenthood’s research gurus at the Alan Guttmacher Institute. Sawicki writes,“I did a little research on the internet—and here is what I found: … Data were gathered using in-person interviews with 7,356 women aged 15–44 between June 2006 and December 2008. So 7,356 women were interviewed by the [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s National Survey of Family Growth], among whom 28 percent were Catholic, and the study concludes that 98 percent of them took the birth control pill—so that means 98 percent of Catholic women have taken the pill! And we call this advanced research science?”

In other words, of 7,356 women, 2,060 identified themselves as Catholic. Whether these were practicing Catholics or not, we do not know. But based on this tiny sample of Catholic women in the USA, it is all of a sudden a fact that 98 percent of Catholic women have used birth control! Wow.

And the fabrications just keep on coming. The bottom line is a tragedy. The bodies continue to pile high, the women continue to suffer from cancers they could have avoided, and the public remains in the darkness.

Doesn’t seem like the proper gift for Valentine’s Day or any day, does it? But then again, lies are never a gift; they are always a curse.

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