A Thanksgiving Reflection: Abortion And The Invasive Malignancy

There are times when it seems that far too many words are uttered about “choice” and far too few about the human being whose life is expunged because it’s “legal” to do so. America has lost her sense of right and wrong, and perhaps that is because Americans are growing farther and farther away from recognizing why they exist and Who created them.

For example, when I was in the first grade at a Catholic school in Los Angeles, we had a book entitled The Baltimore Catechism. The first question in that educational masterpiece was “Who made us?” The answer: “God made us.”

It is such a simple concept, even now, and yet the popular cultural virulence toward all things pro-life hampers our vision of the truth. In fact, it has replaced common sense and logical thinking with preposterous ideas parading around as so-called constitutionally protected rights to all things sexually perverse, including the murder of our children.

Let me give you a few examples of how this is playing out right now as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving.

In Michigan, Alberto Hodari has spent a good deal of time murdering preborn babies, maiming women and, as he admits on YouTube, lying to women. In describing his tactics to a group of Wayne State University students, the most depressing aspect of his lecture is that the audience is snickering during his comments. One is led to believe that Hodari is a comedian. Apparently, the horrendous nature of what he does to make money completely escaped the giddy students.

Is the nervous laughter symptomatic of today’s attitude toward aborting children? Perhaps, but this is also an example of the all-pervasive cancer that has been inflicted on the all-too-willing body politic by the culture of death. The very idea of laughing with and at the comments of a man who kills boggles my mind, but after nearly 40 years of decriminalized abortion, what should one expect?

By the way, Hodari is a prime example of those who ply the practice of abortion for financial gain. The most recent testimony to his evil ways became public earlier this week when it was reported that he is being sued by Caitlin Bruce, who claims Hodari subjected her to a forced abortion last year, when she was six weeks pregnant. Bruce told WJRT-TV that after she saw her baby on ultrasound, she decided not to go through with the abortion, but that didn’t stop Hodari:

He told his assistant, “Hold her down.” They had my arm pinned. His weight was all on my chest and then he took his hand and he had it so tight on my mouth that it was muffled. I was trying to scream, “Stop!” I was screaming. I was crying. It felt like they were ripping a life out of me. When he was done, he looked at me. He gave me a smirk and he left he room.

Voices for Women’s web site lists 49 lawsuits filed against Hodari, two of which resulted from expectant mothers dying after abortion. Not included in the list are two other patients who died after Hodari aborted their babies.

The news about Hodari is apparently not troublesome to the mainstream media, which seems to regard it as something akin to a report on a local football game. Pro-life blogger Jill Stanek points out that some news outlets reporting on Bruce’s allegations have gone so far as to file a report without mentioning Hodari’s name.  

Though he is certainly a poster boy for terrorism perpetrated against expectant mothers, Hodari is but part of the problem. Freelance writer Phil Elmore identifies the crux of the matter when he wisely observes,

[A]ll discussion of abortion revolves around the implication, the begged question and conclusion, that an unborn baby is a baby. No matter how we try to distance ourselves from this simple fact, using medical technology to push further and further out the timeline along which we may choose to circumvent the inevitable process of that person’s being, there is no changing it. Abortion is the application of technology to a woman’s body for the explicit purpose of preventing a human being from existing – a human being who, if left well enough alone, would by all rights and in all probability be born. This birth isn’t merely a possibility and is not a choice; it’s a biological fact, unless a natural miscarriage occurs.

Could any parent who is not a monster look at his or her newborn baby and wish it dead – wish it pre-empted, circumvented, prevented from being? Can any woman who is human willingly abdicate the title “mother” without also abdicating her own personhood, at least morally? Can any man truly claim he is a man at all if he is willing to allow innocent human life to come to harm? Can any individual who has watched a baby move its arms and shift its body on a sonographer’s screen honestly believe that ending that unborn baby’s existence is anything but a violent murder?

Elmore applies common sense and this first-grade insight that should still be obvious to anyone who strives to live according to simple truth. And yet, we move ahead at breakneck speed in this nation, moving closer each day to the precipice of hell. Will we be able to turn back?

Imagine, for a moment, a breaking national news story about a new study that found that “abortion may, in fact, increase mental health risks.” There is such a study, and it was conducted by researchers at New Zealand’s University of Otago. In its summary of the research findings, the New Zealand Herald reported,

Researchers who examined the medical history of more than 500 women have concluded abortion “leads to significant distress in some.”

Women reporting adverse reactions were up to 80 per cent more likely than women not exposed to abortion to have mental health problems, the Otago University study found.
That finding has raised questions about justifying abortions on the basis of mental health.

The study, reported in the British Journal of Psychiatry, found the risk of mental illness was “proportional to the degree of distress” associated with the abortion.

Professor David Fergusson, of the [university’s] department of Psychological Medicine, and his team studied data from women who had been interviewed six times between the ages of 15 and 30, each time being asked whether they had been pregnant and, if so, what the outcome of that pregnancy had been.

More than 85 per cent of women reported a least one negative emotional reaction, including sorrow, sadness, guilt, regret, grief and disappointment.

Don’t worry, though, because you won’t hear of this study from any “mainstream” news outlet or, for that matter, few, if any of those self-described conservative news sources that are always “looking out for you.” Why not? It’s just not news in a culture where the act of abortion is revered as a satanic sacrament, shielded from any negative publicity that might actually convince the electorate that abortion is indeed a crime.

It is a reprehensible moral and scientific error to persist in defending the most egregious crime in mankind’s history, but who’s interested in the truth these days, when the “negative” result of sexual sin could be a preborn child?

This is why current efforts, in state after state, to achieve legal recognition of personhood for all human beings are so fiercely maligned, misrepresented and otherwise decried as untimely, imprudent or just a bad idea. Personhood activities focus attention on the reality of the individual whose life begins at his or her creation. Such efforts make us think about the who instead of politics. Personhood proposals invite the public to understand the reasons why abortion is a crime, rather than a panacea for the ill-informed who deny that God made them. Personhood discussions call into question all those weapons in the sexually saturated armory of the here and now, so precious to purveyors of godless behavior.

It is this denial of a simple truth about the human being that is the core problem, the cancerous cell, the beginning of the end of common sense. Who made us? Not the state! Not the politicians! Not the folks who, like Hodari, lie a little in order to gain the upper hand so that another baby can be killed before he is born. No … Even though so many deny it, God made us, each and every one.

As you sit down to your turkey, or your ham, or your cheeseburger and fries on Thanksgiving Day, give thanks to God, the God who made us. Give thanks that you still possess the common sense and logic of a first grader. And while you are at it, say a prayer for America … At present, her condition is terminal, the malignancy is stage 4, and its poison has invaded far too many minds. But there is a cure … It is He Who made us.