A Quiver Full of Deadly Arrows

A Quiver Full of Deadly Arrows

By Judie Brown

Can anyone forget that well-publicized statement flowing from the treacherous lips of pro-abortion Catholic Speaker Pelosi when she threatened to stop the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Barrett: “We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now”?

Well, those arrows did not amount to much, but now there are bigger threats rolling toward the babies. And thank God there are well-armed pro-life warriors to fend them off.

When the racist Planned Parenthood chose to continue denying that it targets minority babies with its abortion tactics, black pro-life leaders chose to take decisive action.

The National Black Pro-life Coalition “filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against Planned Parenthood saying the pro-abortion organization targeted Black women and babies for almost half a century.”

Pro-life leader Catherine Davis explained that Planned Parenthood’s “actions violate the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which made it illegal for recipients of federal assistance to discriminate on the basis of race.”

Indeed, and that is not all. While Planned Parenthood has been using its deadly arrows for years against the minority community, we now know that not only has its staff been lying about their baby body parts profiteering but they have denied their racial bias, which is so obvious that one need only look at the record. World-renowned Planned Parenthood enemy and pro-life leader Jim Sedlak writes: “Planned Parenthood has clearly shown that it is, and always has been, an organization that, at its roots, is dedicated to suppressing minority rights, eliminating the minority population and killing as many of God’s preborn children as possible.”

Sedlak went on to tell us that the current president of Planned Parenthood, Alexis McGill Johnson, who happens to be black, “believes that black women must be allowed, even encouraged, to kill their black preborn children anytime they want.”

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And sadly, Planned Parenthood has tentacles that spread around the world. When Secretary of State Mike Pompeo signed the Geneva Declaration stating that there is no international right to abortion, feminists went mad. A Ms. Magazine writer opined: “The Geneva declaration and its sordid signees are yet another chilling reminder of the lengths to which Pompeo and the rest of the Trump administration will go in their reckless campaign against reproductive freedom. The U.S. is scheduled for a public review of its rights record by the Human Rights Committee on Nov. 9—and we can be sure that its unprecedented and illegal attacks on our human right to abortion access will be front and center.”

Is it any wonder that these bloodthirsty people writhe in pain at the very idea that abortion might one day become anathema to the people of our nation?

Deception and misinformation are their game plan for lulling America into continued blind acceptance of murder as a way of life and, indeed, a right. Their quiver full of death must be destroyed before millions more innocent human beings die. And that, my friends, takes confidence in the words of St. Paul, not a political pundit.

St. Paul wrote the words that will propel us to victory for the babies. In Philippians 2:13-16, he said: “It is God who, for his own generous purpose, gives you the intention and the powers to act. Let your behavior be free of murmuring and complaining so that you remain faultless and pure, unspoilt children of God surrounded by a deceitful and underhand brood, shining out among them like bright stars in the world, proffering to it the word of life.”

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We will be victorious against the deceitful, deadly brood. Lord, hear our prayers!