A Prayer For Super Tuesday

I do not often receive material from grass roots people that move me as much as the following prayer.  It is most certainly the type of plea to our Father in heaven that we can make in unity with our Trust in His Will!


"Pray Without Ceasing"
Pray for Life's Persecutors
Election Prayer for February 5, 2008


Heavenly Father, You sent Your Son, Jesus
to be our Way, our Truth and our Life.
On February 5, 2008,
in all humility and from the depths of our hearts
we pray that voters will vote for presidential candidates
that will advance the cause for ALL life!
Pour forth Your Spirit on these presidential candidates,
on all our leaders, legislators, judges and citizens.
Enlighten their minds with Your Truth,
enflame their hearts with Your Love,
and move their will to action in service of
Your sacred gift of life.
Help them work to ensure liberty, justice, dignity
and the paramount right to life for all your people
from the moment of fertilization
until a natural passover through death
to their eternal destiny.
Heavenly Father, we pray
Thy will be done
in the Golden State of California
and in all other states that will be voting this day.
We ask this through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

God has blessed the United States of America!
May we soon here in the United States of America be a blessing to God.
Please pass this prayer onto others!