A Planned Parenthood Conversion Story

Recently American Life League's Stop Planned Parenthood program reported on a victory for all that is right and good in the world.  The last item in ALL's weekly Wednesday STOPP Wednesday stated:

Planned Parenthood employee leaves and cancels her abortion

STOPP is very excited to report that another life has been saved. The mother of this preborn baby works at the Planned Parenthood in Silver Spring, Maryland.

The woman who encouraged this mother to keep her child was Olga Fairfax, a regular protestor outside of this PP. On September 25, Olga was speaking with this young mother outside the PP and the young mother admitted to already having had four abortions in the last two years.

Olga gave the mother some American Life League literature and, after speaking with her, the woman decided not to have an abortion. Later in the day, Olga returned to the clinic and discovered that the same young mother she was speaking with earlier walked out of the PP clinic.

It turns out that the reason this young mother was coming out of the PP clinic is that she is a current Planned Parenthood employee and soon will no longer be working there. She hopes to have a baby boy.

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