A little Alito

We don't usually make positive statements about political appointments or nominations until after we are certain that the person in question is really a true pro-life representative. But in the case of Judge Samuel Alito, we had to change our mode.

When Planned Parenthood can twist a judge's expression of understanding for a husband wanting to discuss the fate of his child with his wife prior to her paying somebody to kill that child, something is right with Alito.

Planned Parenthood is screaming that the judge expressed a callous disregard for "battered women," calling the judge a "conservative hardliner."

Say what? How is it that a judge that is concerned about parental rights prior to a child being directly killed be expressing anything other than an understanding that since two people created the child, both parents should have a say in the fate of that child?

Give us a break, Planned Parenthood. You've got about as much concern with parenthood as the local animal shelter's spaying expert.