A jihadist in our midst?

Never in my 33 years of pro-life activism have I seen a slur so despicable that it barely deserves repeating. One of the most eloquent defenders of life, Jim Sedlak of American Life League's STOPP International, has been described by ?feminazi? Cynthia Tucker, as a "jihadist" and an "extremist" as she seethes with fury, describing pro-life Americans as the U.S. version of the Taliban.

Now wait a darned minute, Ms. Tucker. You are the one who has used your vitriol to deceive, to corrupt and to assail. Mr. Sedlak loves babies, and that galls Tucker. Mr. Sedlak exposes the real mechanisms of the morning-after abortion pills, and that infuriates Tucker. Mr. Sedlak equates preborn babies with the rest of us mere mortals, and sends Tucker over the edge.

Since Tucker cannot respond calmly with scientific facts or logical arguments, she resorts to zealous chicanery. Jihadist indeed! Wash your mouth out with soap, Ms. Tucker, or at least your poison pen.

To read the Tucker diatribe, take a drink of coffee or tea and see "Right to privacy is the true target of U.S. juhadists."