A Family Contemplates Thanksgiving

A Family Contemplates Thanksgiving

By Judie Brown

Today I share with you Thanksgiving reflections that members of my family shared with me a few years ago. While we have updated these, the point is not really when these reflections were written, but why. You see, with family, everything makes sense, and nothing is ever less important to anyone because, first and foremost, we are all thankful for each other.

Identified only by initials, these are the precious pearls with which God has blessed my husband and me this Thanksgiving:

“As we are all getting older, I am truly grateful for my parents and my family. Life can change in a moment. There have been health scares and uncertainties of late. The beauty of living in 2018 is that we are able to communicate and stay in touch with each other every day in many different ways that help us appreciate each day we have with our family. The faith taught to us by our parents is alive and well and now living courageously in the next generation. Faith, family, time, and love, what more could we ask for?” [H]

“I’m thankful for God’s mercy and unconditional love; family and true friendship; fingerprints and drawings on my walls; children who bring immeasurable joy; endless questions, running commentaries, and random thoughts from little people; and late-night conversations with teenagers.

“I am thankful for the sound of true laughter that only children are capable of, boys who embrace boyhood to its fullest potential, and a tiny daughter who has brought more joy to our home than we could ever imagine.

“I am thankful for toothless smiles, hugs for no reason, and a husband who is hands-on with our children and always has time to wrestle or play games with them and always has time for me, too.

“I am thankful that I can enjoy every moment with my husband, hero, and soulmate—my protector, provider, and best friend.

“I am thankful for an endless supply of cousins and like-minded friends for our kids to play with; that tomorrow is always another day to start fresh; for my adult son who still enjoys our company and is not only a son, but a good friend too; and for parents and in-laws who I know will always be there for us and love us unconditionally.

“I am thankful for my sister, who is also one of my closest friends.

“And I am thankful for good health for my family in mind, body, and soul.” [CD]

“I am grateful for every person in my life, and topping the list is my parents. They are far more than parents; they are cherished friends whose faith and love inspire me to be a better me.

“I am grateful for my siblings and their families, whom I love dearly.

“I am thankful for my friends, who are like family.

“I’m thankful for every day that led to today, for the chances I have had and hope to have, and for my faith that is fueled by hope. I am thankful for all I have learned from my dear family and friends and for the common thread of love I am surrounded by—given to me by the people who I am so lucky to call my family and friends.” [CK]

In addition, as the woman who has been blessed with all that American Life League has done through the grace of God, and as the mother of these three amazing human beings, I am thankful for my husband who survived a condition that kills 95 of every 100 people who suffer from it. I am thankful for all of our grandchildren, including those who are now saints in heaven interceding for us at the foot of our Father. I am thankful for friends, for extended family, and for all those whom I do not know but who are touched by our pro-life efforts as a family, as individuals, and as children of God.

I am thankful to God for all of this, and on this occasion I am thankful for the person who is reading this and who feels the love of God because of this message.

Today, in this nutty world we live in, it is truly a blessing to write about nothing more or less than love. Oh yes, we are immensely thankful for love—the love of God, the love we feel for each other, and the love that only family can engender and grow.

Have a most blessed THANKSGIVING!