A Blessing Found In A T-Shirt

As Pro-life Memorial Day approaches once again, I did not think it was an accident that the following email message came to us at American Life League:


Hey there you wonderful pro-life people! I just wanted to share a wonderful incident that happened at my job the other day. I work in a preschool, and in my class there's a wonderful boy named Brandon who has Down's Syndrome.


A few days ago I wore my 2006 Pro-life Memorial Day t-shirt to work. I picked up Brandon for a big hug, and then he started looking at my shirt. He talks very little, but he exclaimed loudly, "Baby!"

Then he pointed to the different body parts and said,  "Eyes…nose…ears…fingers…mouth…" and on it went. And I just thought – why is it that this child, (whom some would want to abort) with mental and physical handicaps, knows that this is a baby on my shirt?

How is it that if it's not "really" a baby in the womb, we have to teach children to think that? Well, Brandon knows the truth. Now if we could work on the "normal" adults…


This message is but another example that shows us the value of each pro-life action we take. Wearing a T-shirt can be a life lesson to someone else … and to us!

Praise the Lord! Pro-life Memorial Day is October 1 this year. You can start an event in your community simply by ordering a pro-life shirt or two from American Life League. You can help others see the same truth that Brandon already knows.