Church, State, Conscience, and Blessed Franz Jägerstätter

By Fritz Baumgartner In 1938, a peasant Austrian farmer named Franz Jägerstätter had a prophetic dream. His dream, actually more of a vision, was that of a shiny, beautiful train—a train headed straight into the pit of hell. Jägerstätter wrote the following description in his essay “On the Question of Our Day: Catholic or Nazi”: […]


The Catholic Chameleon

By Judie Brown Chameleon: “A person who often changes his or her beliefs or behavior in order to please others or to succeed.” This definition of chameleon readily applies to many people who define themselves as Catholic but who are perhaps something else entirely. The varieties of such changeable Catholics could be difficult to catalogue, […]


Pro-Life This Week – October 23, 2020

Week in Review – There was a great deal of focus on judicial matters this week   Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to send the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Barrett to the full Senate for final confirmation. As if to illustrate the great divide in this country, the 12 Republican senators on the […]


Planned Parenthood’s Positions on 2020 Presidential Candidates

By Jim Sedlak As an organization dedicated to opposing Planned Parenthood and all its anti-life, anti-God activities, ALL’s STOPP International is, of course, extremely interested in how Planned Parenthood Federation of America—and its 49 affiliates—see politicians for whom we are considering voting. Planned Parenthood likes Joe Biden Biden was, for eight years, part of the […]


Meet Judie Brown!

Judie Brown is president and cofounder of American Life League, the nation's oldest grassroots pro-life educational and advocacy organization. ALL started in 1979 and has grown from a kitchen-table operation to a full-fledged professional organization with more than 30 full-time employees and 120 Associate organizations throughout the nation.

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