40 Days For Life And Love

I cannot believe what a week of blessings this has been for me. You know how inspired I was by the tens of thousands who attended the March for Life in Washington, DC. What I have not shared with you is that I had a golden opportunity to welcome David Bereit, National Director of the 40 Days for Life campaign to our events the day before the March for life.

David is announcing terrific news and we want to make sure you know where to go on the Internet to learn more as quickly as possible–see the above link to get more information. You see, 40 Days for life is launching a second wave of prayer and fasting during Lent, and so far 59 cities across 31 states are participating. The campaign will run from February 6th through March 16th and the witness to love for life will occur in front of abortion mills and Planned Parenthood facilities. I hope you agree that this is thrilling news.

It has always been our philosophy here at American Life League that prayer is the foundation of all that we do for the Lord's babies. After all, this is His struggle and we are mere servants to Him in this work. One of the most effective ways to witness to that truth is through the public prayer witness that has gone on at abortion mills for nearly 40 years now and it is no accident at all that 40 Days for Life has sprung from this very idea. It is certainly not surprising that it is spreading like wild fire, and we want you to not only be encouraged by this news but, if you can, become part of the project.

Unity within the pro-life movement begins at the foot of the cross; that is precisely why we are proud to be associated with 40 Days for Life. Let us never forget that nothing worth doing can be done with first committing one's self to the Lord, Jesus Christ.