Demonizing Pregnancy

Create Your Own ‘Tilma’

By Susan Ciancio Building a culture of life and helping others see the truths that we see every day—that every person was created with dignity by a God who loves us immensely—can often be difficult to do. Sometimes people cannot see, or they refuse to see, the everyday miracles in life that point to the […]

US Bishops Choose to Protect Criminals Over the Preborn

For Immediate Release Brown: “What is it that inspires the USCCB to give a criminal facing the death penalty greater status than the innocent baby whose life is being snuffed out by the crime of abortion?” WASHINGTON, D.C. (8 December 2020) – American Life League president Judie Brown issued a statement today following the call […]

Denying the Real Presence

By Judie Brown A college freshman recently wrote: “Abortion is a medical procedure, not a deprivation of life,” and the world yawned. A priest found the body of Christ on the floor of a Church. This desecration of the sacred host earned a brief mention at the beginning of a sermon, but not many seemed […]

Biden Proves Planned Parenthood Alliance with Becerra’s Appointment

For Immediate Release Brown: “Becerra . . . is an enemy of life who comes from the same philosophy of death as Biden himself.” WASHINGTON, D.C. (7 December 2020) — American Life League released the following statements today following the announcement that President-Elect Joe Biden will nominate California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, to serve as […]

Planned Parenthood Dealing with Racism Charges

By Jim Sedlak With all the revelations about the racism at Planned Parenthood, Harper’s Bazaar printed a 3,000-word feature article that originally appeared in the December 2020/January 2021 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, available on newsstands December 1, 2020. The article was written by Dani McClain and is titled The Racial Reckoning Inside Planned Parenthood.  McClain’s […]

Pro-Life This Week – December 4, 2020

Week in Review – The election is not, yet, over. The following information is being circulated among pro-life leaders in the country. We bring it to you today for your information and possible action. State legislatures have the authority, based on the Constitution (Article 2.1), to determine how the presidential electors for their states will […]