Washington Times – President Obama and Congress Challenge Ad #2

Challenge #2: Action, Not Words

This is the second in a series of five Challenges that ALL issued to President Obama and Congress in light of the $200K Planned Parenthood (PP) ad blitz targeting Congress. ALL ran one-quarter page 5-part series in the Washington Times for 5 consecutive days March 14-18, 2011. Pro-abortion advocates like Nancy Pelosi are on record repeatedly claiming they want to eliminate waste and fraud. We point out the hypocrisy of such statements when it involves their “BFF” Planned Parenthood.

Click on the images below to view/download full-sized versions of the ad or tear sheet in PDF format.  Local organizations are encouraged to use theses ads in your local markets.

WT PP Challenge Ad #1 - Deal with the Truth!  WT PP Challenge Ad Tear Sheet #2 - Deal with the Truth!

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