Praying for the souls of abortion providers

By Brendan Clowes

Last Sunday, the National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers was celebrated. Haven't heard of it? As LiveActionNews bluntly (and quite accurately) reports, it is, “a day for abortion advocates to celebrate their love for the people who make lucrative piles of money for tearing babies apart, limb from limb.” Indeed, it is a holiday seemingly designed to provoke horror and righteous indignation in those of us who recognize abortion for what it really is—murder.

Each and every day we hear how abortionists are framed as heroes who help women maintain health and independence from an overbearing patriarchy. Never mind the fact that abortion is increasingly used in the West to end the lives of baby girls simply because their parents would rather have a boy. These people are hardly the feminist heroes they are made out to be. If feminism means profiting off of the suffering of women and children, then abortionists are indeed feminists.

Yet, we all need God's mercy. Not a single one of us was born without sin. As monstrous as their occupation may be, abortionists began life in the womb just as you and I did, and through the grace of God they were allowed to keep the life He breathed into them—unlike so many in their abortion clinics. They still have the chance to turn their backs on abortion. Thanks to the kindness and patient prayer of many pro-lifers, there are many examples of the scales falling from the eyes of jaded abortion workers.

They need our prayers, mercy, and forgiveness, and I can think of no better time to start than during Lent. An abortionist is among those in most urgent need of the spiritual works of mercy. Take a little time out of your day to pray for the abortion worker just as you would give water to the thirsty or feed the hungry. Personally, I would recommend a Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary or to St. Joseph. The latter has had a miraculous impact on my own life and I can personally vouch for the generosity of St. Joseph toward worthy causes. 

Brendan Clowes is a lifelong pro-lifer, having grown up in a family of six children. He worked as an intern for several years at American Life League before recently completing his degree in economics and graduating from George Mason University. He is now a full-time researcher in the public policy department of ALL.