Planned Parenthood’s Shocking 2013 Decline

By Rob Gasper

Planned Parenthood Federation of America closed 48 locations while opening 13 in 2013, marking eight straight years of decline. Planned Parenthood is now reporting a total of 695 facilities, which is the lowest number reported since 1973, and is 177 less than the reported 872 facilities in operation in 2005. The 2013 facility closings occurred in 16 states, showing that this is a broad trend rather than a local or regional phenomenon.

Why is Planned Parenthood contracting in such a dramatic fashion? It has most frequently cited pressure from legislation—be it defunding efforts or laws tightening clinic standards—as the main reason for facility closings. In states where legislative pressure was not felt, Planned Parenthood most frequently reported facility closures due to a dwindling customer base and an effort to consolidate facilities nearer to its core demographic. More simply put, the answer is money. 

Planned Parenthood has shown itself to be utterly incapable of survival once weaned from the public teat. However, the cutting of funds from Planned Parenthood is only a surface level answer. We can go deeper. Why have so many states been tightening the reins on Planned Parenthood? Awareness. Education efforts by pro-life groups have finally cast enough light onto Planned Parenthood’s activities to show that it is a corrupt and corrupting enterprise. American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) project has been instrumental in unearthing mounds of evidence against Planned Parenthood’s corrupting influence, especially in our schools and communities. Live Action’s undercover stings flashed a bright light on underhanded and illegal tactics being employed at Planned Parenthood facilities. Numerous other pro-life groups have been instrumental, especially at the local level, in educating legislators and citizens alike.

Simply put, Planned Parenthood, like a vampire, cannot survive in the light. Once the lights go on, the leeching of public funds begins to dry up and Planned Parenthood closes shop. However, pro-life groups have been trying to raise awareness for many years, so why the sudden success? We’ll need to get behind the numbers and away from the measurable to find this answer. A look at the numbers shows a major period of decline beginning in 2007 and an acceleration in that decline in 2009. Coincidentally, two major efforts began in those two years.

First, in 2007, 40 Days for Life launched its first national prayer and fasting effort across more than 30 states. In 2009, American Life League started the Bringing Jesus to Planned Parenthood through Mary campaign. Both of these projects realize that the battle against Planned Parenthood is not just an earthly fight. The premise is simple. Ask for God’s help. The unmeasurable God looks to be giving us a measurable answer! 

Rob Gasper is a senior research analyst for American Life League and is the editor of ALL News.