Letter to Catholic Relief Services’ President

By Terence J. Hughes

Dear Dr. Woo: 

Thank you for inviting my wife, Beverly, and me to contribute to Catholic Relief Services. Your invitation gives me the opportunity to explain why we cannot contribute. The CRS Christmas cards you enclosed are lovely, but we cannot use them. We have the report from Judie Brown, president of American Life League, that 86 percent of CRS funding goes to organizations that promote killing the next generation by abortion. We know the National Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC) does the same thing, and has for many decades despite protests from pro-life Catholics. 

We have come to believe this practice by CRS and the NCWC has persisted for so long because both organizations are run by Democrats whose first loyalty is to their party and they have the support of too many priests and especially bishops. We believe the goal is to align the social and welfare policies, as opposed to the doctrines, of the Catholic Church in America with those of the Democrat party, which is militantly pro-abortion and increasingly anti-Catholic. The evidence is beyond intelligent dispute, as you must know. 

We know that, as a community organizer in Chicago, Barack Obama was funded by Catholic charities. We know that Margaret Sanger, originally an Irish Catholic, went on to embrace the racist ideology of eugenics, which led to Auschwitz in the Third Reich. We know she hatched her “Negro Project” with Clarence Gamble of the Procter and Gamble fortune “to exterminate the Negro population” (her words), and she founded Planned Parenthood with that in mind. The Alan Guttmacher Institute (the research arm of PP) reports four of five Abortion Auschwitzes run by PP are in Black and now Hispanic neighborhoods. We know the key to the Negro Project was seducing Black preachers into believing the Big Lie that “birth control” was the key to “Negro” economic advancement. We know having a Black U.S. president, Barack Obama, on board trumps any Black preacher. PP gave Obama (and Hillary Clinton) its “Maggie” award, honoring Margaret Sanger. 

We know that Black babies are aborted at triple the rate of White babies, that PP accepts money given to kill only Black babies. We know PP endorses killing babies who survive abortion, as does Barack Obama. We know that many (most?) PP Abortion Auschwitzes are as filthy as the one run by Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia. We know that PP provides abortionists for the sex-slave traffic when one of the underage girls smuggled here from Latin America gets pregnant. We know aborting a first pregnancy is the main cause of breast cancer later on. We know Obama now gives PP a half-billion of taxpayer dollars every year, and Congress provides it. Pro-abortion Democrats call abortion a sacrament. Rockefeller Republicans-in-name-only (RINOs) agree. 

The original game Monopoly has a card reading, “Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass ‘Go.’ Do not collect $200.” We say to CRS, Go to Hell. Go straight to Hell. Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect money from loyal Catholics. I’m sending this to hundreds of friends and colleagues by e-mail. 

Support Life, 

Terence J. Hughes

Terence J. Hughes is Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences and Climate Change at the University of Maine. His letter has been reprinted with permission. Terry was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer in 2010.