In God’s name, drive the stake!

The recent news and videos of Planned Parenthood's trade in the selective crushing of human babies and then sale of their harvested body parts have horrified us all.  

Take heart, for there is a light dawning on us. 

But first, we must guard ourselves in the oppressive darkness while powerful forces of evil prowl throughout our society. 

Planned Parenthood is too much like the vampires of the old movies, living out the depraved life of a wretched soul that has bound itself to the devil. The vampire consumes itself in a shameful, bloodthirsty quest for the most vulnerable women and children to prey upon. 

Like the Hollywood vampire, Planned Parenthood has reinvented itself as a slick, one-dimensional machine that publicly shows little of the raw and exposed hatred that inspired its founder, Margaret Sanger.  

“The most merciful thing that the large family does to one of its infant members is to kill it,” advised the sexually obsessed Ms. Sanger. 

Like all vampires, though, Sanger and her dried out corpse of Planned Parenthood can’t help but project their own fate in a wishful attempt to transfer the terrible consequences of their actions onto others. 

We’ll have none of that. Planned Parenthood and the very real souls who occupy its corporate labyrinth will very soon find themselves gnashing their teeth through the fires of hell—equally real and showing no hint of the “tolerance” fad washing upon our culture’s littered shores. 

The day is coming when we will see this monster defeated. Planned Parenthood has run the course of all vampires, arrogantly presuming to “live” an existence that has been extended much too long, growing increasingly reckless and hateful in its bloodlust. Planned Parenthood is crashing against the vengeful mob that clamors outside its walls. This mob—the hundreds of millions of once innocent, preborn babies who lost their lives to either violent abortions or the silent flushing out of the home that might have been their mother’s womb if it had not been made inhospitable by chemical contraceptives—will make its voice heard. 

With the dawn comes the pro-life vanguard. Hundreds of thousands of believers rise from their mantle of truth and boldly proclaim a new day. Morning prayers rise earnestly to heaven, and streams of light respond by charging into the darkness and piercing the cold heart of the monster of the night. 

The decayed corpse, exposed suddenly to the light, shudders and crumbles into the soil of America as the dust it had always been. 

Have faith. Planned Parenthood will be consumed in its war of desperation. Then the scavengers will have their feast, the battlefield will be picked clean, and both flowers and the faithful will bloom again in Christ’s saving grace. 

Christopher M. Reilly is American Life League's director of external relations.