It is time for
Kathleen Sebelius,
U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services,
  • Prior to her present position, Ms. Sebelius, a pro-abortion “Catholic,” was governor of Kansas.
  • During her tenure as governor, she reportedly did everything she could to thwart the legal investigation of Planned Parenthood in the state.
  • Former Kansas attorney general, Phill Kline, filed 107 criminal charges against Planned Parenthood in Kansas.
  • Court documents have now revealed that, while the criminal case against Planned Parenthood was in progress, the Kansas Health and Education Department under Sebelius destroyed the originals, and Steve Six, an abortion supporter appointed by Sebelius to fill a vacancy in the attorney general's office, destroyed the copies of the documents that incriminated Planned Parenthood.
  • As a result of the destruction of the documents, the state was forced to drop prosecution of Planned Parenthood on 49 charges—including 23 felonies.
  • Derek Schmidt, the current Kansas attorney general, has sent a letter to the Shawnee County sheriff asking for a full investigation regarding what happened to the documents.
With this ongoing investigation into the Sebelius administration in Kansas and her clear biased support for Planned Parenthood, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! We, the undersigned, ask Kathleen Sebelius to RESIGN her position with DHHS immediately!
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