Pro-Life Citizenship (Digital Download)

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Should a Catholic vote for a candidate who supports abortion but who wants to help the homeless? 

Should a concerned pro-lifer vote for a candidate who is against abortion but who supports human embryonic stem cell research?

Pro-Life Citizenship shows high school students the importance of political action and helps students understand their role in government, even when they have not yet reached voting age. In this lesson packet, students learn about what it takes to form their moral conscience and how the moral conscience plays an integral role in helping voters carry out their civic duty. 

Parents, teachers, and home educators alike will appreciate the depth and scope of this lesson as it prepares high school students to embrace their duty as American citizens and as pro-lifers. 

Contents include

  • Complete lecture notes on the topic of moral conscience and civic duty
  • Discussion guide for Ronald Reagan’s “Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation”
  • Bonus instructions for running a mock presidential campaign and election
  • Bonus instructions for how to film a political TV advertisement

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