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Portrait of Saint
Pope St. Zachary, Bishop of Rome

St. Zachary lived in the eighth century, a time when there was fighting all over Italy. Pope St. Zachary would risk his own life to make peace and save lives from the ravages of war.  Because Zachary was so gentle and kind that the leaders of his time did what he asked. Even the enemies of Rome couldn't resist his kindness. even so far as preventing the Lombards to attack the city.  St. Zachary also had a large heart for the poor. His loving heart could not bear to see people suffer. Once he encountered Venetian merchants selling African slaves. Zachary forbade the trafficking of human beings and paid the merchants their price, giving the slaves their liberty. When St. Zachary died in 752, all the people were saddened to have lost such a good and saintly father.

Reflection: Resolving conflicts requires great humility and compassion. Let us pray for these two virtues that were so present in the life of St. Zachary.  This great Pope is the shining example of what every shepherd including parish priests should aspire to in these days of religious oppression.  

• Lord God Almighty, you have constituted Your only Begotten Son supreme and eternal Priest for the salvation of mankind. Grant that those whom he has chosen to shepherd your people may be found faithful to fulfilling the ministry they have received.

• Jesus, Love Incarnate, give our bishops steadfast courage to live for you and for saving the souls of those in their dioceses. 

• Lord, through the apostolic work of Saint Turibius and his unwavering love of truth, you helped your Church to grow. May our bishops continue to grow in faith, charity, and holiness.

• Only drink beverages that have reached a tepid temperature. If you drink hot coffee, let it cool to room temperature first. When you drink cold water, mix it with warm. And if you drink carbinated drinks, set them out to warm first.

• Give up all snacking between meals for one day. Include eliminating dessert from your evening meal.

• Have prayer cards lying in a drawer? Give one to a different non-Catholic friend every day for the next seven days.

Jan 17, 2014
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Dec 06, 2013
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Oct 22, 2013
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