Dream of the Rood (Digital Download)

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Written in the early 7th or 8th century, Dream of the Rood was one of the first early Christian poems written in English. Recounting Christ’s passion and death from the perspective of the Cross, Dream of the Rood recognizes the power of redemptive suffering and the Christian’s fundamental need for salvation. With early medieval literary devices, the poem describes Christ’s passion as a battle waged against sin and death. In this three-class study, students peel back the layers of imagery, language, and symbolism to reveal a message about the sacredness of all human beings present in medieval literature.

Dream of the Rood is suitable for high school students and can provide support in a British Literature course, in a Medieval Literature course, in a religion course, or as a stand-alone work in a standard English class.

Download Features

35 page Instructor Guide
Step-by-step activity instructions
Comprehensive lecture notes
2 professional quality slide presentations ready for lecture
12 student handouts
Access to additional online resources and teaching tips

Topics Covered

Understanding culture of life themes in literature
The life-giving gift of Christ’s death on the Cross
Hero Archetype in Medieval Literature

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