PDF Document Canon 915

An outline of Catholic Church law explaining why those who publically support abortion should be denied Holy Communion. - Discontinued Literature

PDF Document The Doctor Has Advised You

By Rev. Denis O'Brien, MM. What do you say when the doctor tells you that your preborn baby may be handicapped? - Discontinued Literature

PDF Document El Aborto Quirurgico: tus riesgos

Surgical Abortion: Your Risks - Spanish Literature

PDF Document Planned Parenthood: Rape

Failure to cooperate with investigation of sexual abuse of minors. - Advertisements

PDF Document Planned Parenthood: Teen suicide

Girls who abort their babies are more likely to take their own lives. - Advertisements

PDF Document Help cure abortion: Social Security

Abortion means fewer workers paying into Social Security fund. - Advertisements

PDF Document Point of creation

Human beings deserve protection from the very start of their lives. - Advertisements

PDF Document Faithful condom user

Abstinence is the best means of AIDS prevention. - Advertisements

PDF Document Planned Parenthood: Racism

Abortion disproportionately targets African-Americans. - Advertisements

PDF Document Divinity Code

Catholic bishops and pro-abortion public figures. - Advertisements
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