Costumes, Candy, and Babies

October 9, 2015 09:00 AM

There's one time of year when we can make a pro-life impression on hundreds of little people not yet online—October 31. Even though they're too young to be on Facebook and Instagram, they will be on your front porch asking for treats sweet enough for dentists to begin funding their next vacation. Every trick-or-treater who creeps up to your door with bag in hand can encounter a message that depicts the beauty of preborn human beings. Since 2010, American Life League has encouraged pro-life advocates to illuminate the hearts of children with illuminated pumpkin carvings of preborn children. We have several examples of pro-life pumpkins created by our social media followers in the hopes that you will consider carving a pro-life pumpkin of your own.

When you carve your pro-life pumpkin, take a picture of it, post it to Instagram or ALL’s Facebook page, and tag it #ProLifePumpkin. We’ll dig through the #ProLifePumpkin posts on October 30 and award three people with both a “Life Defender” and “Person Inside & Out” T-shirt. 

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