A Family Contemplates Thanksgiving
November 26, 2014


Today I share with you Thanksgiving reflections that members of my family shared with me. Identified only by initials, these individuals are the most precious pearls with which God has blessed my husband and me this Thanksgiving.

“As we are all getting older I am truly grateful for my parents and my family. Life can change in a moment. There have been health scares and uncertainties of late. The beauty of living in 2014 is that we are able to communicate and stay in touch with each other every day in many different ways that help us appreciate each day we have with our family. The faith taught to us by our parents is alive and well and now living courageously in the next generation. Faith, family, time, and love—what more could we ask for?” [H]

“I’m thankful for:
God’s mercy and unconditional love;
Family and true friendship;
Fingerprints and drawings on my walls;
Children who bring immeasurable joy; 
Endless questions, running commentaries, and random thoughts from little people.

The sound of laughing that only children are capable of;
Boys who embrace being boys;
Toothless smiles;
Hugs for no reason. 

A husband who is hands-on with the boys and always has time to wrestle or play games with them and always has time for me too;
Enjoying every moment with my husband, hero, and soul mate—my protector, provider, and best friend.   

An endless supply of cousins and like-minded friends for the boys to play with;
That tomorrow is always another day to start fresh;
An adult son who still enjoys our company and is not only a son, but a good friend too. 

Parents and in-laws who I know will always be there for us and love us unconditionally;
A sister who is also one of my closest friends and a brother who is a great joy.
Good health for my family in mind, body, and soul.” [CM]

“I am grateful for every person in my life, and topping the list are my parents.

They are far more than parents; they are cherished friends whose faith and love inspire me to be a better me.

My siblings and their families, whom I love dearly. I'm thankful for my boyfriend whose selfless heart constantly amazes me.

My friends who are like family.

I'm thankful for every day that leads to today. For the chances I have had and hope to have, and for my faith that is fueled by hope.

All I have learned from my dear family and friends, and the common thread of love I am surrounded by, given to me by the people who I am so lucky to call my family and friends.” [CL]

“Being Thankful For:

Seeing the glory in what God has blessed us with every day. Seeing the beauty in all people and nature and especially our family. 

Our family’s respect for the dignity of human beings. 

Our insights that expose the materialism and emptiness of the world for we know that pursuing materialism will only send one into a deep hole of despair.

Our family having the opportunity to share our love for one another in amazing ways including the nice older lady who talked to us for a while at brunch last week. We could see in her eyes how she longed to be part of our family. I thought for a while later on, where was her family? 

The treasure that is my family, and I look forward to many years as my family continues to grow in faith. The key to my family’s solidarity is my husband’s strong leadership and devotion to God as a man, husband, and father.

Lord, bring back our families. From a thankful mom!” [A]

“I am definitely most grateful for my loving family this Thanksgiving. It has been a tough semester and the people who have been there for me the most are my parents, grandparents, and siblings. They have shown me unending love, compassion, and concern in my time of need. Specifically, my father has helped me grow in my faith and turn to Our Father during this tough time. My family is always there for me and always will be there for me. I love them all and am so thankful to have such a faithful and caring family.” [E] 

“I am most thankful for my family. Every amazing thing that has happened to me in my life has only happened because of the opportunities that my family has given me. I don’t know where I would be without them, and I thank God every day for the truly amazing blessing that is the Brown family!” [K]

And I, as wife, mother, grandmother, and pro-life senior citizen, am thankful to God for these beautiful people—as well as those who follow in their footsteps.

Have a blessed THANKSGIVING!


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Give Thanks for Christian Heroes
November 25, 2014


Over the course of the past 11 months, we as pro-lifers have had our share of enormous blessings, many of which never caught the eye of the average American. The reasons for this are quite numerous, but the most prevalent is the mainstream media. It seems that most outlets turn a blind eye on heroism when it stands in defense of Christ and His teaching.

Thank YoutFirst on my list of the blessings of unsung heroes are sidewalk counselors like Monica Migliorino, PhD, who stand true to Christ and constantly focus attention on the plight of the preborn child whose mother is considering aborting her own baby. These giants in our midst collaborate with pro-life pregnancy care centers like Expectant Mother Care and reach out to expectant mothers and their babies with life-affirming messages, material assistance, and prayers. 

We also give thanks for the Benham Brothers—pro-active young men involved in a ministry that focuses on family, leadership, and public outreach with a strong emphasis on Jesus Christ and His plan for every life. Though they are frequently under assault by an unfriendly media, they remain undeterred. As they write on their website: "One of the important elements of the Christian faith is to always be ready to die to self, reputation, or anything that prevents a believer from speaking the truth in love. The apostle Paul stated in 1 Corinthians 15 the importance of dying daily to bring life, and he meant what he said. In the same way, we must be willing to die daily that life in Christ may result."


Witnesses to this truth abound among us, starting with Cardinal Raymond Burke—an exemplary representative of Christ and His love for human beings in ways that can only be described as saintly. Among his most recent statements of love for the truth that is Christ is this comment on doctrine and discipline: “They’re seen as a gift to us so that we encounter Christ and are disposed to do what is best for our neighbor, especially to those in most need, and for our world.” Cardinal Burke’s courage is not lost to anyone, no matter the Christian identity, for it helps us see that what God expects of us is not always what is easy or comfortable.

Just ask the Robertson family. They are brave men, women, and children who are particularly special to us this season because they represent American values at their finest. This family is better known for its television series, Duck Dynasty. Their unapologetic faith in Christ and His power has earned them their share of hecklers and detractors. Yet none of this stops their dedication to helping families see that, through faith and family devotional times, love is forged in the steel of God’s word.

Finally, Thanksgiving gratitude to God for heroes would not be complete without mentioning the Duggar family, stars of 19 Kids and Counting. Most recently the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer movement launched a petition demanding that the Duggar’s program be taken off the The Learning Channel and alleging that the family is spreading bigotry against those espousing alternative lifestyles. But, praise God, opposition to this fanatical call for cancellation is mounting due to the efforts of many individuals and organizations including LifeSiteNews, which launched its own petition aimed at giving those of us a voice who want to see more of 19 Kids and Counting

Yes, the world does indeed wax cold toward Christ and all who proclaim Him. But we are thankful to be His witnesses, recalling what He told his disciples about what it means to be His: “Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven” (Matthew 5: 11-12).

We are thankful for Christ, for the gift of faith, and for the many Christian heroes. May they continue to be a shining example to us all.


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Salivating at the Gates of Hell
November 21, 2014


Hearkening back a couple of days to my horror at the news that sex educators are now using kids as young as 11 to collaborate in demonstrations of birth control objects like the condom, I have to wonder where our world is headed.

SelfieNot long after Stop Planned Parenthood International’s Rita Diller brought the sordid news mentioned above to my attention, I read a commentary by Michelle Malkin entitled “One Nation under Godlessness.” She told the story of an exemplary high school student who put his faith into action at a public high school and prayed with others during a free period. After three years of peacefully praying, with no complaints, this boy suddenly felt the wrath of the administration who called him to task for his actions. This truly sent chills down my spine. It is, as Malkin points out, “quite clear that the problem is not that there’s too much God in students’ lives. The problem is that there isn’t nearly enough of Him.”

And that is, in the proverbial nutshell, where we are at this moment in the history of our society. The grounding in faith in God that everyone presumed was being instilled in children at a very young age is, in fact, no longer even a thought in the heads of most modern parents. 

Selfies have replaced scoldings.

Paychecks have replaced unquantifiable closeness between parent and child.

Possessions have become such an obsession for many that even a child or two are viewed as trophies instead of human beings who require constant nurturing.

As parents have departed their traditional roles as caregivers and role models, teachers are expected to take their place in the classroom. And that doesn’t rankle the feathers of folks like Obama devotee Roland Martin who opine, “How in the world do we say it’s OK for schools to teach our children about math, science, history, and numerous other subjects, yet then get high and mighty with righteous indignation when biology is taken a step further to focus on sex? Too many parents live in denial about their children having sex, and somehow saying you’ll handle the tough stuff is living in fantasy land.”

Really? Well, truth be told, that fantasy land is a jungle where the strong not only eat the weak, but devour their souls in the process.

If you think I am exaggerating, read these profound examples offered by Planned Parenthood analyst, Rita Diller:

1) Abstinence programs are being hijacked and used as traps by Planned Parenthood and other sex industry stakeholders. Programs that are not abstinence programs are pushed through as abstinence programs. Programs that started out as abstinence programs get hijacked and become, even if gradually, birth control and sex programs. 

2) In Houston, Texas, where middle schoolers are being targeted with Planned Parenthood’s “It’s Your Game; Keep it Real” repugnant sex education curriculum, a middle school teacher has done the unthinkable. She kept a middle school boy after class and forced a lap dance upon him. This really should not come as a great surprise to those of us who realize what a sick culture of sex surrounds these children where Planned Parenthood sex programs are implemented.

3) In reference to Planned Parenthood’s Sex(Ed): The Movie, Diller says, “Since Planned Parenthood regularly promotes itself with lies and obfuscation, it comes as no surprise that it continues to fabricate over-the-top claims. The latest whopper tied to Planned Parenthood regarding so-called comprehensive sex education is one that shatters the Pinocchio meter.”

Getting the picture?

It is true that the emperor of hell, Satan himself, has many minions, but the sad reality is that, for the most part, our fellow citizens cannot recognize his evil when they see it, when they hear about it, or even when they are in the midst of experiencing it. 

Do people even know they are salivating at the gates of hell? Do they care? 

How many souls are at risk today?

What will you do about it?

You can start by helping us stop Planned Parenthood. You can pray for America’s children and their parents.

For the love of God, do something!

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'Triple X' Oregon Sex Instruction Exposed!
November 18, 2014


“A conference intended to teach kids as young as eleven about safe sex, but you won’t believe what they’re learning.” After years of free reign, the Oregon Department of Education will be called to account for the licentious materials and presentations it has been forcing upon children. KOIN Channel 6, the CBS affiliate in Portland, airs its special investigative report “Triple X Education” today (Tuesday) at 11 p.m. Pacific time. The time slot was chosen because of the unavoidably explicit nature of the materials—materials that were given to children as young as middle school age. The report will also be available on the station’s website after airing.

A local watchdog group, Parents’ Rights in Education, has had its eye on the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference and the XXX-rated presentations and materials being peddled to and by schoolchildren there for several years. In 2013, the group asked American Life League’s Rita Diller to attend the conference and see for herself what was being foisted upon children. Diller says she came away scarred. “I monitor Planned Parenthood sex education on a regular basis and I have seen some unbelievably horrifying situations that young people are put in because of the abortion giant’s fixation with sexualizing children, but never have I seen so many adults work so hard to defile young people than at this conference,” she said. Planned Parenthood is on the steering committee of the annual Oregon ASC. 

Diller wrote a series of reports about the conference revealing the repugnant materials and off-the-wall behaviors she witnessed there. Her initial report from the conference reveals her shock: 

As I reflect on the Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) recently held in beautiful Seaside, Oregon, only two blocks from Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church, I feel overwhelming grief and pain.

I grieve for the students who spent two long days with adults who relentlessly threw the most vile, deceptive, sexually soaked garbage in their faces in an apparently successful attempt to numb them to sin, to turn them against Christianity, and to tempt them with the embrace of debauchery in some of its most vile apparitions.

Because of Diller’s reports, many people came to know about the atrocities perpetrated at the conference and to have a clearer understanding of the agenda of Oregon’s WISE initiative—Working to Institutionalize Sex Education—led by Brad Victor, a “sexuality education expert” with the Oregon Department of Education. School districts across Oregon that are on board with the WISE initiative are required to attend the annual ASC in Seaside, Oregon, where they transport children for what Diller described as a “field trip to hell.” Diller’s reports from the 2013 ASC are available on the STOPP website, using the keyword “Oregon.”

One of the most encouraging results of increased media reporting on these events is that more concerned citizens joined in the investigative efforts of Parents’ Rights in Education, resulting in more than 100 parents and concerned individuals demonstrating outside the 2014 ASC conference. Meanwhile, inside, the dirty work of the conference continued. Several parents attended on behalf of the investigative effort and brought out materials that matched and expanded on the cache that Diller brought out in 2013. Those materials are now up on the website of Parents’ Rights in Education

Also on the website are some videos from the 2014 conference. One of them shows a presentation where a teen boy blows up a condom, lubricates it, and performs a simulated sex act with it while adult sponsors and teens laugh. 

American Life League applauds the work of Parents’ Rights in Education and others who have worked so hard to bring the truth about the ASC to light. The KOIN investigative report will turn the floodlights on the atrocities that have been perpetrated behind closed doors. 

But this is only the first step that must be taken to protect our children and grandchildren. It is increasingly clear to us that what is happening in Oregon is not unique. All across the nation Planned Parenthood and its cohorts are networking with state education departments and others who are in a position to foist its repugnant, abusive sex education on children. 

American Life League and its Stop Planned Parenthood International (STOPP) project are working overtime to put a halt to the sexualization of children. But we need you to get involved. The STOPP website contains a wealth of information on eliminating Planned Parenthood from schools. ALL’s Jim Sedlak has written Parent Power!!—the definitive book on how parents can take back control of their children’s schools. It is available free of charge for download at http://www.stopp.org/pdfs/ParentPower.pdf. And if you would like to receive information on a regular basis regarding what STOPP does to rid towns of Planned Parenthood, sign up to receive the Wednesday STOPP Report

Taking action is imperative. Sitting back and watching these things happen cannot be an option. Inaction will only lead to the destruction and loss of souls. 


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Abortion, Honesty, and Amnesty
November 14, 2014


The aftermath of the election was made very real to me when I watched a 45-second video enumerating the many political failures of Planned Parenthood. The video brought to mind the question of whether or not average American voters were beginning to see through the deceptions propagated by the culture of death. 

I was struck, not only with the video, but with an earlier headline in an online publication that went virtually unreported. The headline reads: “Obama Administration Allows Fertility Clinics to Sell U. S. Citizenship.”


Yes. Think about this: “Conservative media are accusing the Obama administration of attempting to ‘sell U.S. citizenship’ to foreign children following the announcement from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that it will expand the definition of ‘mother’ and ‘parent’ to allow women who use assisted reproductive technology (ART) like egg donors to confer their U.S. citizenship on their children. The policy corrects a ‘glaring inequity’ in the law due to outdated terminology that has required some women to adopt the very children they've birthed.”

Then consider this insightful observation by Fox News contributor Harris Faulkner: “This could allow American surrogates to demand more money for carrying the child of a couple in another country, since the baby would then have U.S. citizenship.”

The question is simply this: If these preborn babies, who are carried by surrogate mothers because the “natural” mother cannot get pregnant, are deserving of U.S. citizenship because of the circumstances of their creation, why aren’t all preborn babies recognized as citizens? How can it be that some babies are actual persons before they are born but the vast majority of those created and growing prior to birth are NOT human beings?

This makes no sense any more than the statements quoted in the video by Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards or the deliberate lies pronounced by a Planned Parenthood operative counseling a 15-year-old girl that “anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual.”

Really? So babies are only babies when the Obama administration says so, and sexual relations are only a good idea when Planned Parenthood tells a lie to a teenage girl? What sort of topsy-turvy society are we living in? 

When the president of the United States aligns himself with organizations like Planned Parenthood there is no doubt in my mind that common sense has for too long given more than a lenient bow to insanity. Let’s get real about all this, shall we?

I agree with Kurt Kondrich whose daughter Chloe is a Down syndrome super-girl. Kurt says: “Once the decision is made to deny amnesty to unborn citizens, they do not have the ability to return to their previous home, and they are quickly destroyed. Isn’t it time we do some real comprehensive reform and grant amnesty to the millions of unborn citizens who are in search of a better life? Hasn’t the time finally arrived for our nation to ‘embrace and not erase’ the greatest, most priceless gift our country has ever been blessed with—human life?”

If the United States can bestow citizenship on babies born on foreign soil before they are born and at the same time contribute millions of dollars to organizations like Planned Parenthood whose business is to kill babies before they are born, then we better work as hard as we have ever worked to restore protection for all innocent people, to defund the pawns of Satan like Planned Parenthood, and to press newly elected politicians to oppose duplicitous government policy relating to the preborn.

Amnesty for all babies—born and preborn without exception—is the only government mandate we need. America cannot live without it.


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