Trick or Treat?
October 31, 2014


Trick or Treat?The tradition of trick or treating on Halloween dates as far back as the early 1500s. It’s time for the ghosts, the goblins, the candy, and the belly aches—all the things that make a family celebration of Halloween special. In some homes, the costumes will take on a different flavor as kids dress up to look like their favorite saints. But no matter what the costume might be, the fun comes in the participation of Halloween festivities. This special night is supposed to be festive for families—an opportunity for moms and dads to do something enjoyable with their kids. 

But sadly, in many ways, Halloween is not the same as in bygone days.

Today the plan of going from house to house with paper or plastic bags and collecting sweet treats has, in many neighborhoods, been replaced by single-location parties. Parents fear for what their children may ingest and have to think about the possibility of poison, razor blades, or worse in the goodies placed in the plastic pumpkin by a neighbor nobody really knows. 

This is but another sign that the culture of death has been revealed in all its ugliness and evil intent. You see, disdain for the human being goes much deeper and spreads far wider than the abortion holocaust we commemorate with horror every January 22. Many of us don’t see the specter of imposed death as being confined to a simple debate about ending surgical abortion and how that might be accomplished.

In fact, we never stop reminding our fellow Americans that the culture itself is steeped with all manner of dislike and disregard for the dignity of the human person. This is why we fear that if a child of ours goes trick-or-treating, the result could be anything but fun.

This is why many parents work overtime to make sure their children are not exposed to the violence of video games or the scary reports streaming into our living rooms during what is loosely defined as the news hour. 

So this brings us to a logical question as we consider how far beyond Halloween the monsters and purveyors of mayhem really go. And the answer is scarier than the Wicked Witch of the West.

To be properly startled, look no further than Planned Parenthood’s array of sex instruction for children, including preschoolers. We must understand that “this kind of sex indoctrination leads directly to the abortion mill for young people who are bombarded with this message from their earliest years.”

And from there, many of the same young people can go on in life to become the very ones who will one day decide to put granny out of her misery or take their own lives because they believe in the right to control one’s life at any cost. The right to die or the right to kill an inconvenient other by violent acts of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia—including assisted suicide—have become so commonplace that all they evoke among the population at large is a yawn.

Now that reality is ghoulish. It is frightening; it is no “treat”; and it is definitely more terrifying than a simple “trick.”


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Death with Dignity? According to Whom?
October 28, 2014

Over time, terms often seem to enter our conversation without explanation. When this happens we tend to think we understand what the term means and when and how we might use it when talking with others.

Case in point: Death with dignity. What does that mean when used by those who are politically motivated to drive conversation a certain way? Let’s examine it a bit.

The online free dictionary defines death with dignity as anything pertaining to the early end of a person’s life. Such acts are advocated by pro-assisted suicide groups like the Hemlock Society, which has since changed its name to Compassion and Choices.

Compassion and Choices defines death with dignity as decriminalized assisted suicide. In Oregon, for example, it is legal to take one’s own life. Recently, a new resident of that state, Brittany Maynard—a young woman suffering from a terminal brain cancer—announced that she will take her life on November 1, 2014. She has become the latest poster child for the movement to legally protect acts of assisted suicide in all 50 states while calling such acts death with dignity.

Compassion and Choices explains that—to its organization and its followers—death with dignity means requiring a prescribing physician to give a person the means to end his own life on his own terms. 

Advocates of assisted suicide have said that one of the long-term effects of Obama’s Affordable Care Act will be an increase in assisted suicide rates. According to Salon.com, “Peg Sandeen, executive director of the . . . Death with Dignity [National] Center, speculated: ‘I think the ACA is going to change how we access healthcare and that change is going to come slowly. What I hope it means is that people have access to a wide span of options across the health spectrum.’”

In other words, death with dignity should be defined as healthcare and should be viewed as the proper way to experience “dignity” at the chosen end of one’s life—be it because the patient has chosen when to die or the healthcare provider has determined that it’s time for his patient to die. 

An excellent example of the latter can be seen in the case of young Jahi McMath. Many advocates of death with dignity suggest that, only when her life is ended, will she experience death with dignity. These are the folks who orchestrated the preparation and execution of a death certificate for this young girl who is—as her family tells the public repeatedly—alive and not dead at all. At this very moment, Jahi’s family is pursuing every means possible to have that death certificate revoked. The attorney for the family argues, “Newly-developed evidence, including MRI films and EEG tests, show that Jahi has brain activity and is not brain dead.”

Clearly death with dignity is a term extensively used by those who have absolutely no respect for human dignity. For those of us who are committed to defending human dignity, it is clear that today far too much end-of-life care has gone the way of aborting our young. Killing others and helping people kill themselves is considered by such advocates of killing as nothing more than respecting human dignity by facilitating premature death. 

If that is not a perverse attitude, then I have no clue what is!

What is death with dignity? The answer to the question is best answered by our understanding what it is not. Death with dignity can never be murder—and that is what assisted suicide truly is. No matter what you call this act, it is a great offense to human dignity, to God, and to the human race. Only when death occurs because God wills it does death equate with dignity. 

To learn more about these challenging questions, particularly as they relate to serious illness and end-of-life decision making, I encourage you to order your copy today of American Life League’s Loving Will

Protect your human dignity, and that of your loved ones. 

The Real War on Women
October 24, 2014

For the past several years the opponents of life have been hard at work convincing a gullible public that those who oppose child killing by abortion are actually waging a war on women!

These vipers working hard for the perpetuation of the culture of death say this convincingly. Over 40 years have passed since the United States Supreme Court decriminalized the killing of preborn children at any stage of their development as long as their mothers want to terminate their lives instead of nurturing these babies. And few consider the actual body count. Few contemplate the suffering and death of more than 60 million children, at least half of whom are baby girls.

But now this horrendous picture of America is going to change forever.

As president of American Life League, I am proud to tell you that a new 38-second video is the beginning of the overturning of death on demand for babies—and an end to the ongoing suffering of mothers who wrongly choose death for their child instead of life. When I first saw this video, I was moved to tears.

I cried at the sight of innumerable crosses covering rolling hills and plains. It made the cemeteries of Normandy and Arlington look miniscule. I wept at the thought that this representation of the truth about abortion did not require showing dead bodies, but merely acknowledged the truth about what abortion does to children. And I thought to myself, the fact is that IF it were not true that every single abortion results in the death of an innocent baby, I would not be watching fields of crosses roll by my eyes on the screen.

These beautiful, innocent babies were all condemned to death by their mothers. And more than half of these graves are occupied by female children. Now, I said aloud, that is the real war on women.

And that is the war that you and I fight in order to restore respect for human beings—each of them valuable and unrepeatable miracles of God.

I still shed tears of sorrow as I watch this video and I ask you to be honest. Can you watch it and remain unmoved? Or will you join us in ending the madness, the wickedness at the core of the real war on women?

The Real War on Women
October 24, 2014

The Big Scare in Obamacare
October 21, 2014

The more that is published these days, the more I think that the end game with Obamacare is to totally deny human dignity in favor of saving the maximum amount of money possible. It may sound like a crazy deduction until we start thinking about what is really happening right now in America.

Currently in Congress there is an effort among progressives to pass legislation that would change the way healthcare is delivered. The goal, according to one analysis, is to replace “standard care with palliative care (symptom treatment and hospice) for sick people, in lieu of costly life-saving treatments.”

Sounds like rationing to me.

The name of the group pushing these measures is the Patient Quality of Life Coalition. Sad to say, Catholic healthcare’s Supportive Care Coalition is part of the push, part of the coalition, and therefore part of the problem.

In case you are not up to snuff on these questions, let’s just say that when the Supportive Care Coalition’s homepage tells everybody that it is the “voice of advocacy for palliative care,” we can translate that into meaning that it is part of the effort to redefine pain management that moderates the pain for the ill and dying into terminal medication for cost-saving purposes. It’s euthanasia with a pretty face.

This is the lesson we learned when we began studying the organizations pushing palliative care and redefining what the term means. This new way of looking at healthcare for the aged, disabled, and dying has been defined as the “third path,” but I prefer to simplify it. Using medication designed to relieve suffering in such a way that it relieves a person of his life is murder! 

You can’t get any simpler than that.

So what has happened to respect for the dignity of the human person? 

Let’s look at what that dignity means. My dear friend, Bernard Nathanson, M.D., (1926-2011) described it this way when talking with Father Frank Pavone during an interview:

Well, dignity is something which I spent a great deal of time on since I wrote my dissertation in bioethics on it. But, basically it’s very simple and it’s not a complex issue at all. Dignity resides in what is called “Imago Dei.” I mean, I’ve explored all the other sources of dignity and in general people confuse the appearance of dignity with dignity itself. Dignity is intrinsic within the human being. It is given to us by God. It is untouchable. You cannot have your dignity taken away or enhanced or reduced. The appearance of dignity . . . yes, or respect for dignity . . . yes, those things are changeable, but the dignity itself is not.

The Bible confirms this teaching (imago dei) that man is created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27). Therefore, an attack on an innocent human being with the intention of ending that person’s life—no matter how young, no matter how old—is a direct attack on God Himself. God gives that dignity and we are called to respect that gift in ourselves and in every single person we encounter.

The result of not doing so is barbarism.

It is clear to me that the worst-case scenario, first defined by Sarah Palin, on the coming age of healthcare rationing under Obamacare has come to pass. The pieces are in place, the anti-human dignity philosophy underpins the very mechanism of the program/law, and as Kris Held, M.D. says in a very well-researched article, “The age of Obamacare-Legislated-Death (O.L.D.) is upon us. O.L.D. – yes, bad things come in threes.”