Coaching Us on Respect for Life and Truth
September 30, 2014

Coach Roos


The news reports about volleyball coach Tricia Roos and her personal struggle touch the heart because of the example of her young family during a very trying time. Roos coaches the girls’ volleyball team at Bishop Lynch High School in Dallas, Texas. This young woman, pregnant with her second child, was advised to abort her preborn baby girl when doctors found that the baby was affected by a severe chromosomal defect. But Roos, her husband Jonas, and her three-year-old son will fight for the life of their baby girl. 

The baby has a chromosomal disorder identified as Trisomy 18—a condition that is terminal. According to medical wisdom, this little girl cannot live. One in 5,000 babies is born with this rare condition and most of those are female children. WebMD explains that, since there is no cure or effective treatment, less than 10 percent of those babies surviving birth with the condition live to see their first birthday. 

LifeSiteNews reports

So intense was the pressure from Roos’ doctors to abort her child that she didn’t even know keeping the baby was a possibility until mutual friends connected her with another local mother who had given birth to a Trisomy 18 baby against her doctor’s wishes. That baby lived six months, and her mother, Alison Stubing, told the Dallas News that the time she spent with her daughter was “a blessing.”

For Roos and her family, this is a challenge to be met, not ended with the intentional termination of the life of their little girl. According to the Dallas Morning News, “Roos, her husband, Jonas Roos, and her 3-year-old son, Cameron, are taking this difficult time day by day. But she is also choosing to share this personal struggle with others, taking the platform provided for her as a state champion coach to raise awareness about Trisomy 18.”

But perhaps the most remarkable part of this mother’s story is the message she shares with the girls she coaches as she presses on, having given her daughter the name of Annabelle and praying for a miracle. According to the local ABC affiliate news report on Roos, she is teaching and coaching even as she and her family confront the pain and heartache of the fate that most likely confronts their preborn daughter. “I’m teaching these kids to fight and never give up. . . .  Why would I choose the easy road or to give up on something when my life is being challenged?”

This poignant human interest story teaches us one simple lesson: God does not promise that everything in this life will go according to OUR plan. Rather, He provides us with the ability to trust in His will and accept His gifts, even if we can hold on to them in this life for only a brief moment in time. 

When we read of the courage exhibited by heroic people like the Roos family, each of us who profess our love and respect for the gift of life are reminded of the compassionate words of Saint John Paul II,  

It is therefore a service of love [to] which we are all committed to ensure to our neighbor, that his or her life may be always defended and promoted, especially when it is weak or threatened. 
. . .  

We are asked to love and honor the life of every man and woman and to work with perseverance and courage so that our time, marked by all too many signs of death, may at last witness the establishment of a new culture of life, the fruit of the culture of truth and of love.

We praise God for Tricia Roos and her family. We thank her for coaching each of us by her personal witness that a culture of truth and of love begins with respect for the dignity of every single human being.

Please pray for the Roos family. May their courage continue to be a living witness to Christ and His gifts of selfless love and life.


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Why Wait for Another Commemoration of Legalized Killing?
September 23, 2014

It is perhaps a bit premature to start talking about January 22, 2015, and the ominous thought that after 42 years Americans persist in killing the innocent preborn. Of course, this is due to laws that protect the criminal doctor and fail to defend the rights of innocent human beings. 

Sure, you might say, it has all been said before! But this statement from French playwright Paul Claudel still bears repeating because he reminds us of exactly what God expects of us, even during these difficult times, even right now: 

I have not come to bring you paradise here and now, Christ tells us. I have come to bring you the horizon, the sea, that is to say, freedom, that body which never overflows although all the rivers flow into it, without ceasing (cf. Eccl 1:7). I have come to bring you the desire and the direction, that secret understanding, throughout your travels, of your destination. It makes them full of understanding, like the Euphrates (Sir 24:24). To the burden that weights you down, I have added longing. . . . You, therefore, must be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect (Mt 5:48). 

In other words, our persistence in the struggle to defend truth inspires us for the long term. We know that right now and always our work is for the Lord. History teaches that politics is really the art of disappointment and betrayal; it is not the goal of our efforts, nor should anyone suggest that it is. 

We are God’s children, not partisan political activists. This means that while we are IN the world, we are not OF the world. This truth explains in large part the scornful attitudes others express toward those of us who point out without apology that every human being is a gift from the Lord. 

Saint John Paul II taught in the Gospel of Life, “The life which God gives man is quite different from the life of all other living creatures, inasmuch as man, although formed from the dust of the earth . . . is a manifestation of God in the world, a sign of His presence, a trace of His glory.”

Human existence and its indisputable integrity are not negotiable, though in our day and age many would disagree. We hear words like “freedom of choice” and “constitutional right” being applied to life and death questions. Many of us often shrink from debating the falsehoods integral to these phrases for fear that we might offend someone or seem intolerant. And sadly, this hesitancy is exactly what the enemy expects.

But we dare not surrender to the expectations of the world in which God has placed us. Our voice is His voice; our words should be His words. We confront an evil enemy every single day. That enemy cannot and must not cow us into silence.

Thus it is that we dare to be hopeful in Him and positive in our message, today and every day. We do not need to wait for January 22 to insist on an end to the lies, the sloganeering, and the acts of violence against our fellow human beings. We must step out in truth every day.

We should already be talking about why 40 Days for Life, beginning tomorrow in many communities in our nation, is important and urgently needed. If it’s not coming to your town, start one. The information you need is on the 40 Days for Life website.

We should consistently speak about the need to volunteer at places like pro-life pregnancy centers or nursing homes to give witness to the truth now and to show how precious life truly is.

The killing does not wait for a particular day. The lies in the media do not wait for anniversaries or special occasions. They happen daily.

So must our acts in defense of life!

Hypocrisy and Zero Tolerance Policies
September 19, 2014


“There should be a zero tolerance policy in the NFL (National Football League) when it comes to domestic violence involving women and children” was the opinion of one commentator on the September 15 Anderson Cooper 360 CNN news report. These comments came in response to the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson scandals in the news this past week. Rice allegedly knocked out his then fiancée (now wife) several months ago. Peterson allegedly whipped his four-year-old child with a switch and drew blood. 

Every case of domestic violence is a case of criminal proportions that should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, be it abuse of a female or the abuse of a child. Today’s news stories make clear that the situation is grave and that incidents of domestic abuse are not on the decrease.

But these sad commentaries on current domestic violence cases are not the only thing that troubles this pro-life leader. In fact, they are merely the tip of the iceberg. Allow me to examine what is beneath the veneer of such reporting by the media.

I believe that these tragic situations receive the attention of the news media because they are not only horrendous, but assist the media in hiding behind the false concern they express for women and children in such cases as they blithely look the other way when it comes to expectant mothers and their preborn children. Mainstream media does not define the act of abortion—the ultimate child abuse—as an act of violence because the law states that these preborn babies are not human beings. By the same token, the abortionist who maims or often kills a patient is rarely exposed by the press unless, of course, a practitioner as vile as someone like Gosnell can no longer be ignored.

One has to wonder when these purveyors of hypocrisy will finally confront reality. Exactly what will it take for reporters to exhibit concern for all children and all women, regardless of the ages of the children or the alleged constitutional rights of their mothers? Today an expectant mother can seek the intervention of a third party to take the life of her child and we simply call this exercising her rights. 

This is why a discussion of abusive acts toward some, but not all, is not only hypocritical but an exhibition of a callous disregard for human life that begs another more fundamental question.

After 40 years of killing babies before birth and calling it a woman’s right, should we be shocked to see born children and their mothers beaten and abused in other ways? Violence of any kind toward innocent persons breeds more violence. And today we see the tragic result.

So where can we find the truth that will free mankind from this enslavement to political correctness and moral blindness? 

I suggest that the beginning of the answer resides in these words, taken from the Vatican document Dignitas Personae, “There are those who say that the moral teaching of the Church contains too many prohibitions. In reality, however, her teaching is based on the recognition and promotion of all the gifts which the Creator has bestowed on man: such as life, knowledge, freedom and love.”

When a man—meaning any single one of us—responds to God’s gifts by respecting the rights and dignity of others, society is transformed. We progress from the barbaric to the civilized, from the violence of selfishness to the self-sacrifice of the loving—one person at a time. We learn as individuals that accepting the gifts God gives to each of us and sharing those with others literally creates a culture of life and love.

We move away from hypocrisy and toward genuine zero tolerance for attacks on human dignity at every stage of life from creation to death. 


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Death Peddlers Have No Shame
September 16, 2014

Trust Me Doctor


This past week has seen more startling revelations coming to us courtesy of the abortion cartel. None of them are music to our ears. In fact, they represent more shots across the bow of the pro-life ship of truth. Incredible as they are to those of us naïve enough to believe we can still convert this land to a culture of life, they are nothing more than status quo for the death peddlers.

Some years ago, in the late sixties, a wise man once said that that if a doctor were willing to kill an innocent person, that medical practitioner could not be trusted to be ethical in any respect. This man was himself a doctor—Herbert Ratner, M.D. He witnessed to truth with courage, even though many of his colleagues were more interested in marketing abortion, contraception, and sterilization with impunity. Dr. Ratner devoted his practice and his pro-life efforts to the care and good health of women and families. He founded the quarterly journal Child and Family, and he exposed the horrific facts about the Salk vaccine and its dangers.  

Today I believe he would actually be anything but surprised to learn the latest from the abortion industry. Let’s start with the emotionally unstable Planned Parenthood abortionist, Gary Prohaska, age 78. According to California Catholic Daily:

The accusation states that the Medical Board received information in December 2013 that Prohaska was mentally impaired. He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination on June 17, 2014. The Medical Board-appointed psychiatrist concluded that Prohaska had “moderate severity cognitive impairment” that “renders him unsafe to practice medicine.”

Because Prohaska’s license has been delinquent since January 2014, he is prohibited from practicing.

One is compelled to ask: How could Planned Parenthood continue to send its clients to this madman? Well, when an organization is in the business of marketing the killing of preborn babies, the doctors employed by them are paid to kill babies. Deceiving women into believing that abortion is nothing more than a surgical procedure being done for their own good is just the first step. Organizations like Planned Parenthood will do practically anything—including ignoring an abortionist’s failing capabilities even when expectant mothers’ lives are at stake. What’s another life anyway?

And Planned Parenthood has, as we all know, been known for the type of arrogance that knows no bounds. Evil is its stock in trade. Is it any wonder that one of its volunteers recently told Missouri lawmakers that abortion is sacred?

LifeSiteNews reports: 

Pivoting from its previous depiction of abortion as a necessary evil, the abortion industry and its political stalwarts have increasingly begun describing abortion as a positive, even holy, event.

Last August, Wendy Davis said she launched the 11-hour filibuster that thrust her into the limelight, because “sometimes you have to take a stand on sacred ground.” 

Two months earlier, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi referred to the issue of abortion as “sacred ground” while deflecting a question from a reporter from The Weekly Standard.

The abortion industry’s mental gymnastics are clearly well ingrained in the minds of those in charge, those who market the evil, and those who consistently vote for it. There is no doubt about that at all.

Sadder still is the fact that the culture has fallen in line with the lies and, for the most part, cares little for the truth. And that truth is ugly.

Men of integrity like Dr. Ratner and others could have predicted as much, but then again, the majority of Americans only yawn and say, “Who cares?”

Well, my dear friends, we care! We must fight on defending the babies, caring for their mothers, and insisting that cruelty is never a proper response to fear, poverty, or loneliness. We can never stop exposing the truth about the death peddlers.

Join us today. Learn what you can do to help others see that human dignity must always and in every case be cherished. Killing innocent people is never an option.


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Making a Choice: Defend the Family or Defend Evil
September 12, 2014


Sometimes we hear or see things that leave us incredulous. Such an experience happened to me recently when LifeSiteNews reported that a Catholic bishop in France issued a statement in opposition to those who oppose the legalization of same-sex marriage. The bishop is reported to have claimed that such demonstrations perpetrated “violence against homosexuals.”

Not only does such an accusation startle me in view of how well the “Manif pour tous” (marriage for all) organizers have defined their goals, but it calls into question the bishop’s allegiance to the Church and her definitive teachings on homosexual practices. Recall the Church teaches that we hate the sin and love the sinner.

The bishop’s proclamation further suggests that the nuclear family as defined so many times by Church fathers and various (1930, Section 53) popes has become somehow outdated and passé. But Christ taught definitively that those who lead the innocent into serious sin would be far better off if they had a millstone around their necks and were dropped into the sea.

Yet one need not go to France to learn about the decay that has crept into the Church, her leaders, and, as a consequence, her flock. Just recently, Jonathon Van Maren wrote a remarkably insightful article on the fallout from the sexual revolution. He explained that in our current age of sexual awareness we educate our children a bit differently:

When we approach the youth of our culture today, we’re not telling them what might happen as the result of the sexual revolution, we’re telling them what has happened—and how to avoid those consequences themselves. We now know that the free love utopia promised by hedonistic academics and drugged-up hippies was as illusory as their narcotic-induced hallucinations. All we have to do is show them the half-century report card and ask them questions—ask them if porn and hook-up culture and abortion has made them happy. Our society has confused pleasure with happiness for too long, and now that we’ve gotten a good look at the fall-out, many people are rediscovering age-old truths that our culture abandoned on the ill-fated whim of those who thought to justify their own desires.

And how do we tell our children to avoid those consequences? We teach them about “responsible sex” and tolerance toward those with a different perspective on lifestyle than what traditional folks find acceptable. In other words, while we may be helping them see the fallout of the old-time sexual revolution, we are not warning them that the current day problems with blindly following the herd and never suggesting that any behavior is sinful might lead a soul to hell. 

Van Maren is on the right track, however, and all we really need to do is carry his recommendations one step further. It is incumbent on us to make it clear as well that there are right ways of dealing with sexual aberration when we see it and there are wrong ways. Frankly the best way is to take those lessons we are learning today and use them as tools to assist others in awakening to truth and converting to Christ’s principles rather than man’s recommendations.

The fate of the traditional family and, most importantly, the eternal salvation of souls is at stake!

The situation can best be addressed by spreading the good word. We know and believe there is joy in proclaiming justice, in encouraging the wayward to understand that doing God’s will is the ultimate choice, and that living our own lives by imitating Christ in love and compassion creates a guiding light for others. 

For tangible steps you can take to learn how to defend the family, go to www.defendthefamily.org. In doing so, you will equip yourself with the necessary tools to be a soldier of truth in the quest to win souls for the Lord.

Pray for the Church! 

Pray for families!

Pray for our nation!


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