About ALL's Associate Program

American Life League’s Associate Program is a network of pro-life groups dedicated to one simple concept-- that all innocent human beings are to be protected and defended from the moment of creation until death.

The distinguishing mark of American Life League and its Associate groups is our absolute commitment to the sacredness of human life.

The purpose of the American Life League Associate Program is:

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Benefits of becoming an ALL Associate


Associate groups have access to a wide range of the world’s best pro-life resources produced and distributed by ALL. Associate group board members receive a complimentary subscription to Celebrate Life, our bi-monthly magazine; ALL News, our monthly newsletter; and all of our e-newsletters.

Associate groups receive up to $50 per month in ALL printed literature from our Resources Department and a discount on resources above and beyond that amount.

Associate groups have access to speakers from ALL’s staff of experts on a variety of topics, including how to stop Planned Parenthood, pro-life strategy and education, and fundraising.

National recognition

Each Associate group is identified on ALL’s web site with the Associate's description, contact information, and link to its web site. Associates are encouraged to use ALL’s name and logo for the purpose of identifying themselves as ALL Associates a great way to gain national exposure for your group!

An ALL Associate is totally independent from ALL. American Life League does not interfere with the Associate’s operations in any way.