Wednesday STOPP Report - March 11, 2009

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International Planned Parenthood is after Poland
Planned Parenthood is luring in churches with its propaganda
PP employee involved in training of Ohio clinic is now in Idaho
Gov. Sarah Palin selects former PP board member to Alaska State Supreme Court
South Texas STOPP holds protest to defund PP
Tracy Pro-Life

International Planned Parenthood is after Poland

Less than two months after Barack Obama rescinded the Mexico City policy, the International Planned Parenthood Federation is going after Poland and putting on the pressure to provide more abortions and contraception. 

Why Poland? Look at the numbers. The number of abortions has lowered in the country since 1990. In 1990, there were a total of 59,417 abortions and in the year 2006, Poland had a total of 340 abortions.

IPPF states that the women in Poland should have:

...easy access to contraception; abolishing the gender role stereotypes that people are socialized into; right to decide about oneself and one's body; no more treating women as sexual objects; proper sex education in schools; and treating equally women who are elderly, poor, homosexual, of different ethnicity, of low social standing or handicapped.

As we reported back in 2002, IPPF was complaining loudly due to President Bush’s reinstatement of the Mexico City policy, and now it appears that IPPF is going to do as much as it can to make abortion on-demand. It has even published a letter on its web site, dated March 6, where it discussed an event called “Women’s Day.” This is where IPPF planned to push its agenda onto the women present as well as making a lot of noise against the bioethics committee.

What can you do? Continue to fight PP here in our country by getting rid of its taxpayer’s dollars, clinics and sex education programs. The more we do to change our own nation can help prevent our very own president from making laws to further the abortion business in our country and other countries. You can also sign the petition to stop PP’s agenda at:

PP is luring in churches with its propaganda

Unfortunately, at times we hear about how PP is able to brainwash new church groups into giving into its promiscuous lifestyle. 

New Light Full Gospel Baptist Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia, is the next church group to accept PP’s philosophies. The church held an event recently with PP as a way to stop teen pregnancies.

Robin Patrick of the Baptist Church said, “We’re not advocating any one procedure; we’re not advocating birth control.” Yet, this Baptist Church’s
vision statement, “Building for the future to ‘Change A Generation’ for God” does not seem to flinch when it comes to the ideologies of the largest abortion chain in the country…one that is in fact killing our generation!

How can churches like this even be misled? Think of PP as a snake. A snake is very devious. Most snakes can even dislocate their lower jaw in order to swallow prey much larger than their own head. PP will do all it can to get more prey to believe its philosophies.

However, it is never too late. Please call 757-420-2397 and ask for Robin Patrick, New Light’s Youth Enrichment Program leader. Tell Robin what you think of PP!


PP employee involved in training of Ohio clinic is now in Idaho

As many of us know, PP is an organization that is not to be trusted. There are many examples of why this is true. The recent report of PP not reporting the rape of a young woman from Ohio, who was taken into a PP facility by her father who was raping her, is just another horrible reality about this organization.

We are left to question why PP would do nothing. Is PP really so sick that it looks past allegations of rape, invades this young woman who has already experienced so much pain and suffering from being raped by her father, and performs such an invasive procedure and kills her preborn baby? Yes, PP is that bad.

Others may ask, what happens to the actual PP employees who are supposed to be held responsible? Are the actual employees charged with anything? We would certainly hope so!  According to an article on, the people of Idaho are keeping an eye on Julia Piercey, who trained the PP employees in Ohio – the ones who are to blame for not reporting the allegations of rape. Piercey is also a defendant in the trial against her and PP by the young lady who asked for their help and received none.

Now this same PP staff member is involved in training PP staff in Boise, Idaho. This is just another example of how PP is not to be trusted. Why aren’t PP employees reporting these abuses? There are many examples of other PP clinics where they, too, are not reporting cases of rape, and these have been caught on tape (! It’s time for our taxpayer dollars to STOP going into the hands of this baby-killing, money-making, rape concealing organization! Sign the petition to stop PP tax funding here:

Gov. Sarah Palin selects former PP board member to Alaska State Supreme Court

Anchorage Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen, a former PP board member, was selected to be the 20th Supreme Court Judge in Alaska.

In accordance with Alaska’s State Constitution, the governor was given a list of nominees that was provided by the Alaska Judicial Council. The list Gov. Palin received had a choice of two nominees – Superior Court Judge Morgan Christen and Superior Court Judge Eric Smith.

Despite many letters from pro-lifers across the country, Gov. Palin selected Judge Morgan Christen.

South Texas STOPP holds protest to defund PP

Pro-lifers who are part of the South Texas STOPP group held a protest outside of a PP facility in Corpus Christi, Texas, last week and are part of a petition drive to prevent $70,000 from being given to PP.

We included information in a WSR, dated
June of 2008, about South Texas STOPP looking for volunteers at a petition table in the Nueces County Courthouse the last time they were fighting to prevent PP from getting funds. We are happy to report that the members of the South Texas STOPP were able to collect 4,500 signatures and were successful in denying $30,000 of grant funding that time and are hoping to do it again.

To read an article written and posted on the 6 News web site about this protest, go to:

Tracy Pro-Life

We thank the pro-lifers out in Tracy, California, for getting involved in the fight to defeat PP.

Pro-lifers in Tracy, California, have recently started a group called Tracy Pro-Life and have committed to protesting outside the PP clinic in Tracy twice a week.

The group’s focus is to educate the community members about the truth about PP and to close down this clinic. The PP clinic is located at 1441 Tracy Blvd., Tracy, CA 95376.

If anyone knows of any other pro-life groups that have started a regular protest outside of a PP facility, please e-mail us at // "> or go to our web site at

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