ALL Associate Newsletter - Vol. 8, No. 17 - Monday, April 25, 2011
Thursday, April 21, 2011 - By Leslie Tignor

American Life League
Associate Newsletter
Volume 8, Number 17
Monday, April 25, 2011

Save the Date: Saturday June 4, 2011, is Protest the Pill Day
The Pill Kills Marriage! Did you know the percentage of divorced people in the U.S. increased 345% between 1960 – when the pill was approved for use by the FDA – and 1992? For more information, go to www.thepillkills.com.

From Associates

Children of God for Life
Debi Vinnedge is preparing a press release to announce an official boycott of PepsiCo – and possibly other food companies – as a response to the company’s collaboration with Senomyx, a biotech firm using aborted fetal cell lines to test food color enhancers. Please see http://www.coglorlife.org/senomyxalert.htm for the previous media release.

Mother and Unborn Baby Care/WomanKind
Congratulations to Dr. Francis Van Lieshout, Advisory Board member at MUBC/Woman Kind Medical Clinic in Fox Valley, Wisconsin, on his recent Health Care Volunteer Award. Dr. Van Lieshout shared his medical expertise with WomanKind Medical Clinic during its conversion to an ultrasound clinic. As a “Celebrating Our Volunteers” honoree, Dr. Van Lieshout designated MUBC/Woman Kind to be the recipient of $5,000!  Read local coverage at http://www.postcrescent.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2011104180422.

Tip of the Month – Technological Sex
From Secular Humanism? by Rev. Henry V. Sattler, Ph.D.

The secular humanist not only refuses to see that masculinity and femininity are the two given ways in which human persons exist and that these essential ways are not to be arbitrarily changed by plastic surgery. He denies that there is any essentially human way in which new human beings are to come into being, or any way in which the new human being is to be identified with a particular previously living human being or beings. Long since have we used physical and chemical technology to separate sexual experience from either love meaning or reproductive result. Now we are able to work from the opposite position. Indeed, contraceptives (which are sterilizers of actions) and surgical sterilization (which is the sterilizer of the entire individual organism) are merely the preliminaries to the other humanistic interventions. Artificial insemination, whether from husband or donor, and whether the donor is known or not, are quite frequent. It is also possible to transplant an ovum from one woman to another; to fertilize any egg with any sperm and implant the embryo in any uterus; and to transplant gonads (ovaries or testes) from one compatible person to another. Quite obviously there is no person to whom the result of these manipulations would be related by blood, as we quaintly say. Soon the scion will be related only to the will of the technical veterinarian.

It is not humorous to see a recent cartoon, in which a complacent wife, knitting before the TV screen, whispers to her husband: “The children are making a baby!” One laughs to see the shocked face of the husband, who seems concerned about precocious sex. But one is more shocked to see, in the background, two little ones playing with “Kiddies’ Kemistry Kit”!


Pro-life groups challenge Planned Parenthood claim
Pro-life groups across the country are challenging Planned Parenthood's claim being repeated by the media that women will lose access to health care if the group's funding is taken away. Jim Sedlak, vice president of American Life League, talked about the latest funding battle over Planned Parenthood on CBN News Channel Morning News, April 18.

The Planned Parent-hoodwink
While commonly mistaken for a single, nonprofit women’s health care provider, Planned Parenthood actually exists as a three-part corporate superstructure. Consisting of a 501(c)(3) nonprofit medical services division, a 501(c)(4) Political Action Fund and a 527s Super PAC organization, Planned Parenthood holds more than $1.2 billion in assets, according to their most recent annual report.

Planned Parenthood message war goes on
The battle over Planned Parenthood’s funding may be over in Congress, but a fierce messaging fight has just started over whether the Planned Parenthood debate is an abortion debate at all. Supporters of Planned Parenthood on both sides of the aisle say the vote was, and will continue to be, an issue of protecting the preventive services Planned Parenthood provides. On the more politically volatile issue of abortion, however, they have stayed mum.

Poverty not reduced by population control, states Vatican's UN observer
The chief Vatican representative to the United Nations said that pushing population control methods on underdeveloped countries offends human dignity and ultimately proves ineffective in eradicating global poverty. At a U.N. gathering on April 12, Vatican observer Archbishop Francis Chullikatt condemned international efforts intended to stifle population growth – such as birth control distribution or sterilization – in poor nations worldwide.

Closing Thought

If we Christians really lived in accordance with our faith, the greatest revolution of all times would take place.  The effectiveness of our co-redemption depends on each one of us.

In Conversation with God, II:179


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