Excommunicate Catholic Congressional Supporters of PP
Tuesday, April 5, 2011 - By Paul Rondeau
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For Immediate Release
April 5, 2011
American Life League
Contact: Paul E. Rondeau
Phone: 540-659-4942

"Catholic Congressional Supporters of Planned Parenthood Should be Excommunicated"

Nation’s oldest Catholic pro-life group cites historical precedence for enemies of the church.

Washington, DC — American Life League released a YouTube video today suggesting that the 62 Catholic members of the House of Representatives who voted against defunding Planned Parenthood deserve excommunication. The four-minute video “Planned Parenthood: Anti-Catholic” documents a history of Planned Parenthood anti-Catholicism from founder Margaret Sanger to current day president Cecile Richards.

“There is no doubt that Planned Parenthood is, by every definition, an enemy of the Catholic faith,” said Michael Hichborn, host of American Life League Report. “Sanger identified the Church as her main opposition, Richards has formally excoriated Catholic bishops for pro-life teachings, and Catholic bishops have excommunicated members of Planned Parenthood in the past."

ALL says thousands of basic health care providers exist that do not promote abortion, homosexuality, and sexual acts to children in defiance of family and faith traditions. Therefore, elected representatives who are Catholic cannot hide behind flimsy separation-of-church-and-state arguments or suggest that funding Planned Parenthood is necessary to serve disadvantaged populations.

“Planned Parenthood is an enemy of the preborn child, of our children, and of Catholics. To support funding of Planned Parenthood is the ultimate hypocrisy that betrays all pretense of being Catholic in favor of the largest private abortion provider in the world,” Hichborn concluded.

American Life League is asking Catholics to contact these Catholic Representatives and their local bishops to express their feelings on Catholic support of Planned Parenthood.

ALL lists the following Catholic U.S. Representatives (alphabetical by last name) as voting “NO” to defund Planned Parenthood:

Jason Altmire, PA; Joe Baca, CA; Xavier Becerra, CA; Timothy H. Bishop, NY; Robert Brady, PA; Michael E. Capuano, MA; Dennis A. Cardoza, CA; John Carney, DE; Hansen Clarke, MI; William Lacy Clay, MO; Gerald E. Connolly, VA; Jim Costa, CA; Joe Courtney, CT; Mark Critz, PA; Joseph Crowley, NY; Henry Cuellar, TX; Peter DeFazio, OR; Rosa L. DeLauro, CT; John D. Dingell, MI; Richael F. Doyle, PA; Anna Eshoo, CA; Charlie Gonzalez, TX; Raul M. Grijalva, AZ; Richard Hanna, NY; Brian Higgins, NY; Maurice D. Hinchey, NY; Tim Holden, PA; Marcy Kaptur, OH; Dale E. Kildee, MI; Dennis J. Kucinich, OH; James R. Langevin, RI; John B. Larson, CT; Ben Ray Lujan, NM; Stephen F. Lynch, MA; Ed Markey, MA; Carolyn McCarthy, NY; James P. McGovern, MA; Jerry McNerney, CA; Michael H. Michaud, MA; George Miller, CA; James P. Moran, VA; Grace F. Napolitano, CA; Richard E. Neal, MA; Bill Owens,NY; Frank Pallone,NJ; Bill Pascrell,NJ; Ed Pastor, AZ; Nancy Pelosi, CA; Mike Quigley, IL; Charles B. Rangel, NY; Lucille Roybal-Allard, CA; Tim Ryan, OH; Linda T. Sanchez, CA; Loretta Sanchez, CA; Jose E. Serrano, NY; Albio Sires, NJ; Jackie Speier, CA; Mike Thompson, CA; Paul Tonko, NY; Nydia M. Velazquez, NY; Peter J. Visclosky, IN; Peter Welch, VT

Citizens can identify and find the contact information for U.S. Representatives at http://www.house.gov/.

Media inquiries, contact Paul E. Rondeau at 540.659.4942.


Cofounded in 1979 by Judie Brown, American Life League is the United State's oldest and largest Catholic grassroots pro-life organization. ALL is committed to the protection of all innocent human beings from the moment of creation to death. For more information, please visit http://www.ALL.org or call 540-659-4171.

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Donald Perez | 2011-12-13 14:54:32
Do you believe that Syria spying on dissidents?
Mark | 2011-06-28 13:53:13
God bless you all and the work that you do in exposing Planned Parenthood and the evil that they commit in pushing the satanic rite of abortion.
Jim Bania | 2011-05-20 18:24:13
To know Christ is to obey his commandments... "If you love ME, YOU WILL KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. Do not entertain YOUR AGENDA TO COMPROMISE THE TRUTH. 1) The Natural Law says abortion is wrong 2) Human reasoning says it's wrong 3) Contemplation of the human heart says it's wrong There are more than 2,000 years of church teaching on the morality of abortion. There is an authoritative intellect, and moral wisdom that supercedes and transcends to all human understanding, through the Holy Spirit and Christ's Church. The genius and the beauty of life is only understood through conversion, humility, and obedience. God bless you
Axel Cooley | 2011-05-07 08:44:31
It is the catholich church that does not want people to have abortions since that would stop their constant inventory of children to steal and sell into adoption. Of course they would suggest that Planned Parenthood are 'enemies'...funny enough it is the nuns administering the selling of children, assassinating them after conducting human experiments (see Duplessis orphans)...I ask you then, who is the REAL enemy of Christ?
Judie Brown | 2011-05-10 08:12:17
Clearly, you have a bias against the Church based on one horrific example in Quebec's history. The Church does not "steal and sell into adoption," but in the Duplessis case, its representatives sure acted against all that is Catholic. Your perspective appears to be coming from the disputed reports of what was going on in Quebec during the late 1940s and the 1950s under the reign of terror imposed by Premier Duplessis and allegedly aided and abetted by some Catholic facilities. I cannot swear to the veracity of the reports but can tell you that if true, this is a tragic example of human cruelty, and should never be equated with the entire Catholic Church. Clearly, there were some extremely misguided, violently antithetical Catholics involved. No truly believing Catholic would participate in such a horrific example of criminal behavior.
Jim B | 2011-04-17 12:20:29
Exactly right, Rachel H... the First Amendment protects us all from the establishment [by law] of an American religion, just as the Founder's intended, but you are exactly [catastrophically] wrong about your assertion: "freedom from religion". “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the governance of any other.” John Adams [2nd US President]. One can as easily believe, men go to brothels for scintillating conversation with women, as believe Planned Parenthood is about women's health... a thing I strongly support for my wife and all my daughters. The numbers on procedures actually performed by PP are readily available online. The reality is inescapable [for brothels and PP], once you get past the political spin.
Rachel H | 2011-04-14 18:01:52
Excommunicate as you please. Religion does not belong in the US legal system. The First Amendment does not only guarantee us freedom of religion, but also freedom from religion. The amendment prohibits the making of any law "respecting an establishment of religion". Planned Parenthood is an important medical organization that preforms many life saving procedures including abortion in some cases and distributes important information to schools across the country. If Catholics don't like Planned Parenthood, then fine. But remember, not all of America is Catholic.
Charles Archangel | 2011-04-14 01:23:41
So what is holding our bishops up from excommunicating Catholics that support abortion? If they so desired this task could have been done 15 years ago. Is it because our bishops are not pro life? Is it because our bishops have more ideological interests than pro life interests? What is their holdup? Every day they wait to do what is right means more babies will die. Don't they care about the death of our babies?
dennis jp | 2011-04-07 20:19:52
Thank you for providing this data. These people place the party of death 1st. They know our Church will do nothing ! Our weak, cowardly & effeminate Bishops must bear the responsibility of their office or assume the SIN by their omission.
Tim Vogt | 2011-04-05 15:54:08
Even those who have sued the church are fighting against this cut-throat Goliath that not only surreptisiously murders more children than anyone or anything in history, but forces the rest of us to participate in the holocaust merely for being tax-paying citizens of this country. When you are elected representative your mandate is not something to be taken lightly or used for the wrong purpose. Your actions to side with baby killers reveal something about human nature that is darker and more frightening than heretofore could have been realized. I sincerely hope you come to know this.