Planned Parenthood's Bunnies
Friday, February 25, 2011 - By STOPP

On Friday, Feb. 18, 2011, the House passed the historic Pence Amendment with a vote of 240-185, banning all federal funding for Planned Parenthood. Americans across the country are disgusted by Planned Parenthood’s predatory practices, and are tired of funding the nation’s largest abortion chain. American Life League’s 30 second ad shows in shocking detail just what Planned Parenthood does, and is calling on all Americans to stand up and demand and end to Planned Parenthood’s tax funding.

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David Murphy | 2011-04-11 21:54:27
The brutality of the abortion procedure is something that those who support this industry want to "protect" us from seeing and learning about. Sonograms accurately present an image of a living being that would be viable if allowed to be born. The public needs to be informed that abortion has nothing to do with health care. Continue praying.
Faith | 2011-03-29 18:13:32
So graphic I couldn't even watch when the bunny was put in the blender. After rewinding 3 times I finally watched it. Imagine if everyone could see the graphic details of what they do to those precious bablies :( STOP using our tax dollars to kill God's children!
Leya Smith | 2011-03-28 20:33:44
People do not want to think about tiny, defenseless babies being ripped apart, their bodies burned alive, or healthy nearly fully enough formed to live outside the womb, being murdered. They prefer to think of abortion as a way to take care of a problem. I wish there was a way to force people to see how grisly and inhumane abortions are and that it is indeed MURDER.
Doug Lattier | 2011-03-28 16:38:52
Fantastic video...I am going to post it and send it to as many friends as I can. God Bless you all for the work you do.
ANDRES WONG | 2011-03-19 08:59:06
Melissa Myers | 2011-03-14 19:05:11
This needs to stop now the government is killing a generation at this rate there wont be anymore littleones to grow up and take over this nation. The government needs to stop and use the money for other health problems that are needed also they need to repay Social Security, the fire departments, police departments, teachers, and military personell.
Pat Lohman | 2011-03-03 14:33:02
Extremely effective.
RAYMOND CURIALE | 2011-03-02 19:50:03
It is time for the government to get out of the abortion business. Sto funding Planned Parenthood.cendit
Joseph C. HYDE | 2011-03-02 19:11:55
The video is very shocking especially with the bunnie in the blender, but it makes a strong point. Abortionist state that it is a choice for women to have an abortion, therefore abortion does not fall within a health issue. Health issues deal with a medical problem, not the taking of an unborn life.
Anita Schatz | 2011-03-02 08:29:45
Wow! Now if you could get that on all the TV channels...I'm posting this on my FB and e-mailing it around.
Tara Lav | 2011-03-02 05:09:48
I don't want MY tax dollars to fund abortions!
Phyllis | 2011-03-01 22:30:51
Profound demo...thanks.
Marie Sangalli | 2011-02-28 21:37:49
Everyone seems all worried that women won't get their medical care. The money could be given to other organizations that will help women without the immoral service of abortion. Planned Parenthood has covered up illegal underage sex trafficking - they should not only be defunded, but fined as well!
Ursula | 2011-02-28 20:44:40
A little "graphic" but it certainly gets the point across and if this is what it takes to wake up America, so be it. I will forward to everyone I know.
Janice Donahue | 2011-02-28 15:26:58
Instead of the 800 planned parenthoods the $363 million would be better used by the 7,000 community comprehensive care clinics that do mammograms, have extensive male & pediatric services, & much more medical services not offered by a single planned parenthood affiliate. Spend our money wisely!
EastSideHunky | 2011-02-28 14:32:49
This is quintessential Klan Parenthood. All people are created equal...equally liable to be killed in the womb for a fistful of dollars, that is. Bravo for the creative video!
Peg Saindon | 2011-02-28 10:35:57
Rabbits, Americans care about; babies, not so much.