A Declaration of Life by Pro-Life Physicians: List
Tuesday, December 20, 2005 - By ALL

This declaration was created by the public policy department of American Life League, Inc. It was circulated to members of the medical and scientific communities for review and endorsement. The physicians listed below have all signed statements of  agreement with the declaration. Their signed statements are on file at American Life League, P.O. Box 1350, Stafford, VA 22555

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  1. Thomas W. Hilgers, M.D. (NE) Sr. Medical Consultant - Obstetrics, Gynecology, Reproductive Medicine & Surgery
  2. Anne Marie Manning, M.D. (PA) OB/GYN, Diplomate American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology
  3. Karen Dembeck Poehailos, M.D. (VA) Family Medicine, Attending Physician - Dept. of Emergency Medicine, University of Virginia
  4. Patrick James Baggot, M.D. (NE) OB/GYN, Maternal Fetal Medicine, Genetics
  5. J. Michael Conoyer, M.D. (MO) Diplomate American Board of Otolaryngology, Fellow American Academy of Otolaryngology, Fellow American College of Surgeons, Fellow American Society for Head and Neck Surgery, Fellow American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  6. John C. Wilke, M.D. (OH) Diplomate & Fellow American Board of Family Practice
  7. Lauren A. Welch, M.D. (KS) FACS, Surgery, Forensic Medicine
  8. Michael G. Skoch, M.D. (NE) DABFP, NFPMC, Family Practice, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Dept. of Family Medicine, University of Nebraska Medical College
  9. Douglas S. Brew, M.D. (MN) Family Practice (with maternal care)
  10. Arthur J. Stehly, M.D. (CA) OB/GYN
  11. Norman L. Virnig, M.D. (MN) Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine, Pediatrics
  12. Lawrence L. Lyons, M.D. (PA) Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, Board member of Catholic Medical Association
  13. Arthur C. Sippo, M.D., (OH) MPH, FACPM, FACOEM
  14. Paul A. Byrne, M.D. (OH) Neonatal/Perinatal Medicine, Pediatrics President, Catholic Medical Association
  15. David G.C. McAnn, M.D. (GA) Regional faculty - American Heart Association, General Practice
  16. George Isajiw, M.D. (PA) Internal Medicine
  17. Konald A. Prem, M.D. (MN) Professor and Chairman Emeritus, Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology, University of Minnesota Medical School
  18. William L. Toffler, M.D. (OR) Professor of Family Medicine - OHSU
  19. Roberta M. Chilimigras, M.D. (MS) Family Practice
  20. Mark J. Rollo, M.D. (MA) Family Practice
  21. Paul A. Carpentier, M.D. (MA) Family Practice, Natural Family Planning consultant
  22. John Damiani, D.O. (MI) Urologic Surgery
  23. Michael B. Dixon, M.D. (MO) OB/GYN
  24. Paul J. Eby, M.D. (OH) Occupational Medicine, Family Practice
  25. William D. Parker, M.D. (LA) FAAP, Pediatrics
  26. Jerrold G. Black, M.D. (NE) Family Practice
  27. Austin T. Welsh, Jr., M.D. (AR) Family Practice
  28. Stephen T. Kondash, M.D. (OH) Opthalmology
  29. David W. Talafuse, M.D. (TX) Family Practice
  30. Albert S. Callie, M.D. (AZ) Pediatrician, Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
  31. Jay E. Carpenter, M.D. (FL) Internal Medicine
  32. Paul J. Spencer, D.O. (MN) Family Practice
  33. Eric D. Norton, M.D. (SC) CNFPMC, Family Practice
  34. Jeffrey J. Starre, M.D. (OH) Family Practice
  35. Thomas L. Bodensteiner, M.D. (NE) F.A.C.O.G., OB/GYN
  36. Gary W. Smith, M.D. (MD) F.A.C.O.G., OB/GYN
  37. Kathleen M. Raviele, M.D. (GA) OB/GYN
  38. Philip D. McNeely, M.D. (NE) Family Practice
  39. James L. Routon, M.D. (GA) Anesthesiology, Natural Family Planning, Medical Consultant
  40. William A. Chapman, M.D. (OK) FAAP, Pediatrics
  41. Mary Kathleen Dixon, M.D. (MO) Pediatrics
  42. Hector Ascuncion, M.D. (MD) Family Practice
  43. David P. Lux, M.D. (NE) Family Medicine, Diplomate American Board of Family Practice, Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians
  44. Michael V. Rock, M.D. (AZ) FACP, FACG, Internal Medicine and Gastroentenology
  45. Timothy Heller Fischer, M.D. (NE) Family Medicine
  46. Karl G. Rose, M.D. (OH) General Practice
  47. Jo A. Witter, M.D. (NE) Family Practice
  48. Joseph C. Evers, M.D. (VA) Fellow American Academy of Pediatricians
  49. Stanley Lang, M.D. (PA) Family Practice
  50. Brian W. Donnelly, M.D. (PA) Pediatrics, Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics
  51. David E. Hargroder, M.D. (MO) General Surgery, Transplant Surgery
  52. Lisa A. Maurer, D.O. (OH) Family Medicine
  53. Julie A. Mickelson, M.D. (WI) OB/GYN
  54. William F. Colliton, Jr., M.D. (MD) FACOG, Clinical Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, George Washington University
  55. Roger A. Harden, M.D. (TX) Allergy and Immunology
  56. Mary M. Burwinkel, M.D. (OH) General Practice
  57. Alan G. Burwinkel, M.D. (OH) Dermatology
  58. Patrick Herrick, M.D. Ph.D., (KS) Family Practice, Diplomate ABFP
  59. Samuel A. Nigro, M.D. (OH) Psychiatrist
  60. William L. Martin, M.D. (AZ) Family Practice
  61. Stephen A. Spaulding, M.D. F.A.A.F.P., (NY) Obstetrics and Obstetrical Ultrasound
  62. James J. Joyce, M.D. (MN) Family Practice
  63. Milagros C. Flores, M.D. (MI) Internal Medicine, Cardiovascular Diseases
  64. Douglas O'Mara, M.D. (NH) Pediatrics
  65. John S. Kelly, M.D. (VA) Colon and Rectal Surgery
  66. Peter Danis, M.D. (MO) Chairman of Family Medicine, St. Johns Mercy Medical Center
  67. Anthony Kam, M.D. (MI) General Surgeon
  68. Howard L. Pennington, M.D. (CA) Associate Professor of OB/GYN at UCLA
  69. Thomas E. Lieser, M.D. (OH) MPH, Family Practice
  70. W.A. Krotoski, M.D. (LA) Ph.D., M.P.H., Medical Director - U.S. Public Health Service (Ret)
  71. Edward T. Kryn, M.D. (NC) CCFP, Family Practice
  72. Brian Heinen, M.D. (LA) Family Practice
  73. John H. Detar, M.D. (MI) Urology
  74. Daniel G. Blomenberg, M.D. (NE) FAAP, Pediatrician
  75. Catherine A. Dowling, M.D. (MI) Anesthesiology, Clinical Assistant Professor - University of Michigan
  76. Elizabeth S. Londino, M.D. (MO) Family Practice
  77. Theodore Francis O’Donnell, M.D. (WA) Family Practice
  78. John S. Burnham, M.D. (OH) Family Practice, Assoc. Clinical Professor
  79. Robert Palguta, M.D. (PA) Emergency Medicine
  80. Peter Sultana, M.D. (MO) Family Medicine, USMLE
  81. John B. Shea, M.D. (ON) Canada Diagnostic Radiology
  82. Patrick J. Scarpitti, M.D. (OH) Fellow American Academy of Family Physicians
  83. George E. Maloof, M.D. (CA) Psychiatry, Board Certified
  84. Kathryn R. Watson, M.D. (CA)Internal Medicine, Diplomate American Board of Family Practice; Diplomate American Board Medical Genetics
  85. Jessup M. McDonnell, M.D. (OH) Orthopedic Surgeon
  86. Thomas F. Warner, M.D. (WI) Professor of Pathology
  87. Robert R. Desmond, M.D. (OH) General Practice and Emergency Medicine
  88. Thomas C. Bonin, M.D. (AR) Family Practice
  89. Charles P. Prezzia, M.D. (PA) MPH, FACOEM, FRSM, FACPM, Family Practice and Forensic Medicine
  90. Robert J. Saxer, M.D. (WI) FAAP, Pediatrics, Secretary of Catholic Medical Association
  91. Glen C. Griffin, M.D. (UT) Pediatrician, Fellow American Academy of Pediatrics, President of American Family League, Inc.
  92. William G. White, M.D. (IL) Family Practice, Obstetrician
  93. Ludovit Sevcik, M.D. (NY) Board Certified Anesthesiologist, Associate Professor of Anesthesiology
  94. John R. Hartman, M.D. (FL) FAAFP, DABFP, CNFPMC, Florida Family Physician of the Year-1997
  95. Richard Wetzel, M.D. (CA) Family Medicine, Author-Sexual Wisdom
  96. John D. Lane, M.D. (PA) Family Practice, Penndel/Philadelphia Catholic Physician Guild
  97. Chris Kahlenborn, M.D. (OH)
  98. Gloria Zibilich, M.D. (PA)
  99. Laurel DeStefano, M.D. (IN) Family Medicine
  100. Joseph L. DeStefano, M.D. (IN) Family Practice/Psychiatry
  101. Frank J. Forlini, Jr., M.D. (IL) Cardiovascular Diseases
  102. Leonard P. Rybak, M.D. (IL) Otolaryngology, Professor of Surgery Otolaryngology University School of Medicine
  103. Paul L. Hayes, M.D. (NE) Obstetrics and Gynecology, Infertility
  104. Charles M. Cargille, M.D. (LA) Reproductive Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Mental Retardation
  105. Walt F. Weaver, M.D. (NE) Cardiology; Chairman, Ethics Committee SECHC
  106. Jeffrey E. Matthews, M.D. (MO) Gastroenterology
  107. Arthur H. Conley, M.D. (CA) Orthopedic Surgery
  108. Karen E. Karn, M.D. (MN) Obstetrics and Gynecology
  109. Stanley M. Johnson, M.D. (MN) Family Practice; President, Minnesota Physicians for Life
  110. Christopher Carlson, M.D. (MN) Family Practice; Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
  111. Terence J. Coyne, M.D. (MN) Pediatrics; Member, American Academy of Pediatrics, AMA, MMA; Assistant Clinical Professor, Unversity of Minnesota College of Medicine
  112. Stephen M. Najarian, M.D. (MN) Diplomate, American Board of Surgery; Fellow, American College of Surgeons; Clinical Associate Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School
  113. Nicolleta Manciu, M.D. (MN) Anesthesiology
  114. Virgil A. Sandkamp, M.D. (MN) Family Practice; Fellow, AAFP
  115. Robert D. Koenig, M.D. (MN)
  116. Stephen A. Hickner, M.D. (MI) Obstetrics and Gynecology, board certified
  117. Alden Kielhorn, M.D. (NE) Obstetrics and Gynecology
  118. Peter C. Szekely, M.D. (MT) Internal Medicine
  119. Laura Trausch Hammonds, M.D. (NM) Family Practice
  120. Gregory M. Hoffpauir, M.D. (LA) Ophthamology
  121. Fred de Miranda, M.D. (AR) Pediatrics; Member, American Association of pro-Life Pediatricians; Member, NFP-Only Physicians; Member, PHACT; Member, Catholic Medical Association; Member, AAP
  122. George Delgado, M.D. (CA) Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice; Fellow, American Academy of Family Practice; Associate Clinical Professor, Department of Family Practice
  123. John R. Thompson, III, M.D. (NY) Family Practice; Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice; Fellow, American Academy of Family Practice
  124. Michael J. Gilmore, M.D. (CA) Family Practice
  125. Charles G. Kelley, M.D. (MA) Anesthesiology, FACA, Board Certified (ABA)
  126. Angelique C. Pritchett, M.D. (OK) Family Practice Resident
  127. Michael Artigues, M.D. (MS) Pediatrics; Member, AAP, AMA
  128. Judith L. Jacobus, M.D. (PA) Family Practice
  129. Thomas E. Meads, M.D. (VA) General Surgery
  130. Michael W. Sullivan, M.D. (NE) Obstetrics and Gynecology, Associate Medical Consultant
  131. Michael K. Houser, M.D. (MO) Family Practice
  132. Timothy McNicoll, M.D. (CA) Family Practice
  133. George E. Jay, M.D. (MN) Family Practice
  134. Gregory E. Polito, M.D. (CA) Urology; Knight of Malta
  135. George P. Carbone, M.D. (CA) Family Practice, FAAFP
  136. Norman Ruiz Casteneda, M.D. (FL) Pediatrics, Board Certified; American Board of Pediatrics/NFP
  137. Stephen J. Burns, M.D. (TX) Family Practice
  138. Ronald Ferris, M.D. (KS) Family Practice
  139. Dan Engeber, M.D. (CA) Family Practice
  140. Harry Drummond, M.D. (CA) Family Practice
  141. Andrew Hummel, D.C. (OH) Chiropractic
  142. Cynthia Hummel, D.C. (OH) Chiropractic
  143. Thaddeus M. Bort. M.D. (OH) Family Practice, FAAFP
  144. Clifford T. Bowe, M.D. (WI) Family Practice
  145. Thomas Lenz, M.D. (CA) Family Practice, Emergency Medicine
  146. Araceli V. Lardizabal, M.D. (CA) Forensic Psychology
  147. Anne M. Nealen, M.D. (WA) Pediatrics; Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics; NFP Instructor
  148. David Maglio, D.O. (RI) Family Practice
  149. George F. Dietz, M.D. (IL) Family Practice
  150. Matthew Glick, D.O. (OK) Osteopathy; Family Medicine
  151. Jill E. Glick, D.O. (OK) Osteopathy; Family Medicine
  152. John T. Littel, M.D. (FL) Family Practice; NFP Instructor/Medical Consultant
  153. Christopher L. Lee, M.D. (LA) General Surgery, FACS
  154. David E. Newton, D.C. (NE) Chiropractic
  155. Richard M. Dodds, D.C. (IA) Chiropractic
  156. Gregory J. Tudor, M.D. (IL) Emergency Medicine; Assistant Clinical Professor
  157. John F. Gisla, Jr., M.D. (CA) Family Practice; Diplomat, American Board of Family Practice
  158. Mary G. Ruddat, M.D. (CT) Anesthesiology, Pediatric Specialization
  159. Tom Malinich, M.D. (IL) Internal Medicine; Pediatrics Resident
  160. Monica Goodwin, M.D. (MN) Family Practice
  161. David Goodwin, M.D. (MN) Family Practice
  162. Thomas J. Huff, D.O. (TX) Family Medicine; Internal Medicine
  163. Robert L Deucher, M.D. (NC) Internal Medicine, Board Certified
  164. Kevin Hume (Australia) Family Physician
  165. James F.Murphy, Jr., D.O. (CA) Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine
  166. Michael A. Krafezyk, M.D. (NY) Family Medicine, Board Certified
  167. Judy Burns, M.D. (CA)
  168. Lorna Cvetkovich, M.D. (KS) Obstetrics and Gynecology, FACOG; Certified Natural Family Planning Medical Consultant
  169. John A. Joyce, M.D. (MI) Obstetrics and Gynecology, Board Certified ACOG
  170. David R. Harnisch, Sr., M.D. (NE) Family Practice; Obstetrics and Gynecology, FACOG
  171. William C. McCarthy, M.D. (VA) Family Practice
  172. Fritz Baumgartner, M.D. (CA) Cardiothoracic Surgery
  173. Peter J. Murphy, M.D. (NE) Internal Medicine; Pediatrics
  174. John J. Billings, M.D. (Australia)
  175. Lyn Billings, M.D. (Australia)
  176. Bernard N. Nathanson, M.D. (NY) Obstetrics and Gynecology; Bioethics
  177. Wolfgang Miggiani, M.D. (PA) Family Practice
  178. Mark G. Petrizzi, M.D. (VA) Family Practice
  179. Michael G. White, M.D. (WI) Family Practice; Diplomate, American Board of Family Practice
  180. Jim Statt, M.D. (AZ) Obstetrics and Gynecology; Associate Fellow, ACOG
  181. Tom Malinich, M.D. (IL) Internal Medicine/Pediatrics; Resident Physician
  182. Robert Jaminet, M.D. (KY) Chief of Anesthesiology, St. Claire Medical Center
  183. Michael John Phillips, M.D. (WI) Pathology; Fellow, College of American Pathologists
  184. John T. Bruchalski, M.D. (VA) Fellow, College of American Pathologists
  185. John A. Rocque, M.D. (RI) Internal Medicine
  186. Donald Rose, M.D. (OR) Family Practice (Retired)
  187. Paul R. Bruch, M.D. (CT) Pediatrics
  188. Edmund F. Ziegler, M.D. (CT) Pediatrics, Emergency Room Specialist
  189. Nicholas P. Murphy, M.D. (CA) Obstetrics and Gynecology
  190. James E. Buckmaster, M.D. (KY) Family Practice
  191. Roger B. Anderberg, M.D. (KY) FAAP
  192. William E. Chaney, M.D. (MI) Family Medicine
  193. James D. Long, M.D. (PA) Obstetrics and Gynecology, Board Certified
  194. Richard R. Romanowski, M.D. (NY) Obstetrics and Gynecology
  195. William J. Burke, M.D. (MO) Neurology
  196. Faith D. Daggs, M.D. (MD) Obstetrics and Gynecology
  197. Michael P. Kennedy, M.D. (LA) Board Certified Family Physician
  198. Michael G. Molitor, M.D. (GA) Family Practice; EM; Member, CMA
  199. Leslie A. Chorun, M.D. (KS) Family Practice
  200. Timothy R. Fangman, M.D. (NE) Cardiology; Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine; Fellow, American College of Cardiology
  201. Ellen R. McInerney, M.D. (VA) Internal Medicine; Diplomate, American Board of Internal Medicine
  202. Joanne R. Gregory, M.D. (FL) Chiropractic, Acupunture
  203. Ludwik Kozlowski, M.D. (AR) Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Associate Clinical Professor
  204. Frederick F. Guida, M.D. (NY) Anesthesiology
  205. Hanna Klaus, M.D.,(MD) Obstetrics and Gynecology; FACOG
  206. Emory T. Gonzales, M.D. (AK) Diagnostic Radiology
  207. Andrew J. Breuder, M.D. (NH) Aerospace Medicine
  208. Michael A. Moell, M.D. (OH) Pediatrics
  209. Ann T. Moell, M.D. (OH) Family Practice
  210. Mell Hecker, D.O. (SC) Emergency Medicine, AOBEM certified
  211. Edwin T. Anselmi, M.D. (LA) Family Practice
  212. Melanio Villarosa, M.D. (FL) Pediatrics
  213. Lise Amy Labiche, M.D. (TX) Neurology
  214. Peggy B. James, M.D. (FL) Anesthesiology
  215. Sheryl Pitner, M.D. (NE) Pediatrics
  216. Edward I. Glynn, M.D. (OK) Family Practice
  217. Robert A. McClimans, M.D. (TX) Family Practice
  218. E.F. Diamond, M.D. (IL) Professor of Pediatrics; President of American Association of Pro-Life Pediatricians
  219. Joseph F. Harryhill, M.D. (PA) Urology, board certified
  220. James K. Matheson, M.D. (OH) Obstetrics and Gynecology; FACOG
  221. Angelo A. DellaPietra, M.D., D.O. (IL) Family Practice
  222. Mary L. Davenport, M.D. (CA) Obstetrics and Gynecology; FACOG
  223. John L. Rice, M.D. (IN) Pediatrics
  224. Leonie S. Watson, M.D. (NJ) Family Practice
  225. Richard A. Watson (NJ) Urology
  226. Rita L. Sullivan, M.D., (IL) Ophthamology
  227. Beverly A. McMillam, M.D. (MS) Obstetrics and Gynecology; FACOG
  228. Michael A. Dulac, M.D. (NE) Pediatrics, board certified
  229. Robert Kaladish, M.D. (NH) Psychiatry; Diplomate, ABPN


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Candy Fountain | 2012-06-14 15:26:55
I work at a Pregnancy Center in Canton, IL. We are in the process of putting together a Sonogram Program for our facility. We need a doctor in IL to read the sonograms. They do not have to be in our facility. We will simply mail the sonograms to them and they can read them and return to our Medical Director. We are having a really hard time trying to find a pro-life doctor in our area. Is there any way that you could help us?
Leslie Tignor | 2012-06-20 11:23:36
Thank you for contacting American Life League with your inquiry. ALL suggests that you check the website for One More Soul at www.onemoresoul.com. You can enter your zip code on the home page to conduct a search of the database. There are a limited number of physicians who have signed up on this site so, if you do not find someone in your immediate area, we would suggest calling an office in an adjacent area and asking for referrals. Also, don't hesitate to check with NFP instructors for their suggestions! Sincerely, Leslie Tignor Public Policy