Moral and Logical Arguments Against Abortion
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 - By ALL

Responding to pro-abortion arguments:

  • Life beginning at conception is a religious view.
  •  It (i.e. the preborn baby) is only "potential" life.
  • It's only "potential life" until birth.
  • The fetus is not a human being!
  • The fetus becomes a child (only) at birth.
  • Every baby should be a wanted baby.
  •  Abortion should be restricted only after viability.
  • Who should decide, you or the state?
  • What about my reproductive choices/rights?
  • Women should have freedom of choice (abortion).
  • It's my body to do with as I want.
  • What's to stop the state from mandating abortion in the future?
  • The population explosion threatens us all.
  • Rape, incest or the life of the mother?
  • Abortion should be allowed for fetal deformity.
  • Forcing a woman to complete or terminate a pregnancy.
  • Pro-lifers want to punish women.
  • Classifiying aborting women as victims is condescending.
  • If we restrict abortion, it will be the poor that suffer.
  • Pro-lifers will force women into back alley abortions.
  • We're not pro-abortion, we're pro-choice.
  • Pro-choice is not pro-abortion.
  • Pro-abortion is forced abortion.
  •  Pro-Lifers don't care about children after they are born.
  • "Babies" having babies
  • Contraception/birth control


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