College pro-life group threatens legal action for desecration of cross display
Thursday, April 26, 2012 - By JillStanek.com

During the predawn hours of April 20, Western Kentucky University student Elaina Smith desecrated a  display that had been erected by pro-life group Hilltoppers for Life by draping condoms over each of the 3,700 crosses that had been constructed to memorialize the number of children killed each day by abortion in the U.S. This morning Alliance Defense Fund sent a letter to WKU President Dr. Gary Ransdell on behalf of Hilltoppers, expressing hope to “resolve this matter amicably” but listing stipulations for that to happen, including public apologies from Smith and the head of campus security, assurances that Smith would not get credit for her “visual dialogue,” and disclosure of who purchased and supplied Smith with the condoms. ADF also requested all university documents that discussed Hilltoppers and Elaina Smith’s involvement in Kristina Arnold’s art class from January 1, 2012 to present.


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