Five-month pregnant couple facing forced abortion in China issues desperate plea for help
Friday, June 8, 2012 - By LifeSiteNews

Two groups that work to prevent human rights abuses in China, China Aid and All Girls Allowed, have reported that a woman who is five months pregnant from the Hunan Province is being held at a hospital in Changsha city for violating China’s one-child policy and faces an imminent forced abortion if she does not consent to a voluntary abortion or pay a fine. Cao Ruyi, 37, and her husband Li Fu have a six year old daughter. Her husband reports that Cao was taken from their home and “dragged by more than a dozen government family planning officials and security guards.”  Bob Fu, president of China Aid Association has been in touch with Cao’s husband since the arrest. Fu also spoke to a family planning official in Changsha City and was told that Cao had two options: “to abort the baby or pay over $24,000 penalty.”


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