American Life League Advisory Board: a group of dedicated pro-life advocates who understand the meaning and value of principle. These are Americans who have devoted themselves tirelessly to advocating for the most defenseless of our brothers and sisters. Among them as you will note is one of the true heroes of this effort, a man who went on to his heavenly reward without seeing an end to abortion, but his legacy will make that goal possible in the future. Cliff Zarsky, an attorney and a philanthropist, was tireless in his efforts to defend the innocent including his court cases addressing the personhood of the human being from creation to death. We will miss Cliff but we will, through our Advisory Board and our efforts at the grass roots level, make every effort to bring his life’s work to fruition.

Active Members

Danny Abramowicz
Dr. Fritz Baumgartner
Mark Bisch
Hugh Brown
Bob Dolan
Mike Dolan
Jim Ferrick
Pastor Walter B. Hoye, II
Dr. Johnny Hunter
Dr. Alan Keyes
Alveda King
Rev. Fr. William Kuchinsky
Andy Missler
Patrick Murphy
Mickey O’Hare
Tim Wildmon
Harold Ziegler

In Memoriam

Cliff Zarsky, Esq.